Joy Behar is a Fat, Stupid Commie

By: Erik Rush

“He’s a terrorist. Rush Limbaugh is a terrorist. You heard it here, ladies and gentlemen.”

Joy Behar on The View, October 22, 2008

I thought it would be appropriate to include an example of the ridiculous (hence the title of this column) prior to eviscerating my fellow New Yorker, given the transcendent level of stupidity evidenced by Ms. Behar’s Limbaugh statement.

The irresponsible, inflammatory and, to be blunt, brainless remarks Joy Behar makes on a regular basis underscore what The View co-host is: An archetype of the insular, ignorant, supercilious far Left elite. As an escapee from the Fetid Apple, I find the phenomenon of folks who may be widely traveled but who never leave New York fascinating. The typical “Ugly American,” so to speak, their small-minded, narrow views remain with them no matter where they go.

Thus, such an individual thinks nothing (literally) of reflexively babbling such inane things as “Rush Limbaugh is a terrorist.” Terrorists blow things up and kill people. Thus far, I’m not aware of Limbaugh ever having engaged in such activity, unlike a friend (Bill Ayers) of Behar’s probable presidential pick (Sen. Barack Obama).

Unfortunately, as we know, The View is a widely watched program. To Americans whose only fault is spending a little too much time in front of the television and who would likely label Behar as merely “spirited,” such an attitude – and depth of stupidity – become acceptable.

Behar is an entertainer, and as this columnist has pointed out on numerous occasions, entertainers, particularly when they’re relatively young or wildly successful, have as inaccurate an overview of real life as is possible to possess. In the entertainment industry, it takes an exceptional level of emotional health to circumvent the pitfalls of sycophantism, narcissism, and elitism that are endemic to that business.

Simply put, few people are that emotionally healthy.

Behar is obviously coarse and somewhat repellent; whether she’s just mouthy and thoroughly indoctrinated or indeed a blithering idiot, I do not know. Certainly the business she’s in provides for the massive success of select dull-normals. The point is that no informed person (granted, a tall order these days) in their right mind would take to heart anything said by entertainers on weighty issues and would be doubly wary of those who are particularly vocal regarding their sociopolitical views.

So, should Americans stop watching The View? Certainly not. Discernment, which so few of us have in this day and age, is the key. I can watch The 700 Club and laugh cynically when Pat Robertson says something I believe is a tad dogmatic for general consumption – but I understand where he’s coming from, so it’s no big deal. One simply needs to be aware that, save for one, The View is hosted by far Left-dwelling, elitist mudheads.

So, I’ve addressed the stupid. As far as the “fat commie” component goes: Although the media and Internet are plastered with her flattering publicity photos, it’s evident that Behar has porked up of late. The comparison between her photos and recent segments of The View is actually quite shocking. She (or The View’s wardrobe people) know how to use clothing to conceal it, but the astute viewer can tell she’s becoming a fatty boombalatty, as the Italian kids I grew up with used to say. Now, I don’t allow my children to make fun of people who are overweight, but if Ms. Behar is going to use her celebrity to infect Americans with her idiocy and relish doing so, she’s going to have to take the heat – wherever it comes from. Behar’s politics – judging from her commentary – pay deference to everything Marxist. It is clear that she is ignorant enough to believe her bankroll will protect her when the rest of us are riding bicycles and eating “Little Friskies.” I’ve indicated before that this practice of taking people at their word rather than their actions pertaining to their beliefs has got to stop. If it walks like a duck, etcetera, it probably is, and Behar looks, walks and quacks appropriately…

If all this sounds a bit harsh, just bear in mind that to a recovering New Yorker, portly, aging, strident Italian women are not that unique. Let’s just say I’ve got her number…

Erik Rush is a Staff Writer for the New Media Alliance, Inc. (

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