Welcome To Obama’s New Socialist America

By: Ken Hughes

How many ways can Barack Obama prove he’s out to change America from a free market capitalist nation in line with the rest of the industrial world into a socialist nation like so many socialist / communist nations that have failed in the past? Can Obama’s thinking really be that far in the past he doesn’t recognize a healthy economy not the government pays all the bills. The Drudge Report is running a clip where Obama in his own words explains his socialist beliefs…… [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iivL4c_3pck] …… he states the founding fathers were wrong giving the power to the people and not the government. He further says the courts have been wrong not redistributing the wealth of the country to the less fortunate unmotivated underachievers, [my words not Obama’s.] In short Obama is saying he knows more how to organize a nation than the founding fathers knew.

The next question all America must face if we have a Liberal President and a Democratic majority in both houses of congress where will that leave “We the People”? Liberals can’t repeal the constitution without the consent of the people they can sure as hell muck it up. Our government consists of more than just a president, leaders of the house and the senate. There’re 533 other elected officials who are responsible to “We the People” they’re more vulnerable than afore mentioned three politicians, the rank and file congress is at the mercy of the voters for their long term careers in politics they understand this and will act accordingly regardless of who’s president.

An Obama presidency may be the answer to readjusting the government as we know it to a government as we won’t like it. A government responsible to the voters and not to special interest groups minorities and illegal immigrants. An Obama administration may wake voters up to the fact this is no longer the America their ancestors fought so hard to preserve. An Obama America would take from the achievers and deprive the underachievers of an equal share of the opportunities provided in a free society. Obama believes his plan is in the interest of the greater good, the greater good being at the discretion of those who’re charged with distributing the wealth. The Obama’s of the world don’t seem to get it without the producers being rewarded for their hard work there will be no production and therefore nothing to share. It took the Soviet Union three quarters of a century to learn this lesion. It took China less than half that time to learn Communism and Socialism won’t sustain a nation f
or long.

An Obama presidency backed by a democratic congress can serve a valuable lesson to the voters of this country. It will show the voters the government is like an eagle it takes both a right and left wing to maintain its balance. There’s information out about Obama’s past affiliations there should be no question about his extreme left leaning politics. Such an extended left wing can throw the government into chaos.

There’s little to worry about Obama being able to sway congress to the extreme left. In over 200 years no president has been able to totally control the activities of congress. Congress is an elite group accountable only to themselves. In the eyes of congress presidents are an un-necessary evil to be tolerated as little as possible, Barack Obama will not be an exception. Even though most of what congress does isn’t worth much they do have one talent and that’s holding on to their jobs at any cost. Anyone who thinks a president has any influence over congress is delusional. The relationship between congress and the president has always been adversarial, sometimes more that other times party affiliations notwithstanding.

Barack Obama is a lot like Thomas Jefferson, articulate without sincerity or substance. Jefferson opposed slavery but kept slaves so as not to upset in neighbors. He produced several children with Sally Hemming his Negro mistress. Thomas Jefferson contrary to what he professed didn’t write the constitution he was merely its calligrapher. Barack Obama is no less a fraud than Thomas Jefferson, he’s a front for a group of international socialists out to change the America we know to an America of their choice.

Using a phrase popular in the Hood’s around the country, anyone who believer’s George Bush is responsible for all of the adverse conditions of the past eight years is a “FOOL.” No one man has that much power nor should they. Barack Obama is looking for such power like Hugo Chavez of Venezuela he’s looking to wield absolute authority with impunity. It isn’t going to happen even if Obama is elected, the constitution will protect us.

Contrary to what many of us have heard if Obama isn’t elected president blacks will not rise up and burn our homes and rape our dogs. That isn’t likely to happen they’ll whine and cry racism and go back to their mailboxes to pick up their government subsidy checks and life will go on until the next black decides he wants to be Americas first “Black President” as opposed to being the first black to be elected president.

If Obama wins America losses, [ only temporarily.]

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