ALIPAC Responds to SC Senator Graham’s False Accusations


Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) responded today to the Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) campaign’s false accusations regarding a new political add that is being launched via TV, Radio, and robotic calls in which he promotes Amnesty for illegal aliens and offends Americans that opposed his legislation.

In comments to the Associated Press, Graham’s campaign claims that his comments calling his political opposition “bigots” was directed at the KKK and Neo Nazis and that his own words are taken out of context to distort his message.

“We did not take Graham’s words out of context, we placed them into context,” said William Gheen of ALIPAC. “We could not afford to run his entire speech so the ad focuses on clips and encourages people to visit our website to hear his entire speech.”

ALIPAC hosts a copy of the speech that Senator Graham would prefer South Carolinians not hear before election day on Youtube where it has been viewed over 55,000 times as of this morning. Each commercial provides access to the full speech as does ALIPAC’s homepage at

Graham’s campaign has also made the outlandish claim that his comment about his Amnesty bill “We are going to tell the bigots to shut up and get this done right” was directed at the KKK and Neo Nazi groups.

“Senator Graham’s entire speech before La Raza has no mention of these groups,” said William Gheen. “Furthermore, the group Graham was addressing is notorious for labeling any group, leader, or any American citizen that opposes Amnesty and supports more immigration enforcement as racist. Graham’s legislation did not face significant opposition from or fail because of the KKK. It failed because of the vast numbers of Americans and South Carolinians that spoke out against it.”

Upon simple inspection, it is clear that Senator Graham’s “bigots” comment was intended in a wider description of opponents of his failed legislation. Graham’s approval ratings mirrored the approval ratings of other supporters of the bill and took a massive dive during their push for this unpopular legislation.

Rasmussen polling shows Americans favor enforcement more than legalization two to one and approval ratings for Congress fell to historic lows during the debate. A CNN poll and a InsiderAdvantage poll showed Senator Graham’s approval ratings fall to 31% with a 40% disapproval rating in June of 2007. The same polls showed only 21% of South Carolinians approved of his Amnesty bill while 63% disagreed. A June 21, 2007 Zogby poll showed only 3% of Americans approved of how Congress was handling immigration issues during the debate over Graham’s bill!

So many people called Washington Senate offices that the Capital phone system collapsed and most offices reported calls against Graham’s bill were 50 to 1 or more opposed! There were no signs of any significant presence of the KKK or Neo Nazis involved.

“It is clear that Senator Graham’s ‘bigots’ comment was intended to belittle the broad opposition to his bill,” said William Gheen. “Thankfully, many senators listened to their constituents and abandoned the bill. Senator Graham did not listen and still refuses to change his stance in support for legalizing millions of illegal aliens and turning them into future voters.”

ALIPAC’s TV, Radio, and Robotic calls presenting Senator Graham’s offensive comments begin on Thursday and we ask that the media call into question any further overtly false statements from the Graham campaign. For more information, to view the commercial or Graham’s entire speech please visit

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