Who’s Barack Obama & Who’s Pulling His Strings?

By: Ken Hughes

Barack Obama isn’t anything we’ve been use to seeing and hearing in the black community. Berry Obama was raised white by his grandparents in Hawaii. He could easily have been mistaken for any Polynesian beach boy on the island. It wasn’t until Obama arrived in Chicago he began to acquire the persona of a child of the ghetto, the poor boy from the hood as it were. Since it isn’t likely Obama ever suffered from any discrimination his only qualification to represent the black community are his oratorical skills he probably learned from Pastor Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers. There’s no question Barack Obama is a product molded from raw uncontaminated liberal material to represent a socialist ideology that’s been festering in America for years.

Democrats spent the past eight years trying to convince the public what a horrible place America has become. That’s in spite of eight years of sustained prosperity. Democrats like Nancy Pelosi Barney Frank Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer even went so far as to deliberately sink the economy using Fannie May and Freddy Mack as vehicles to destroy the lending markets and consequently bring the economy to it’s knees. When the crises began to unfold John McCain went back to his post in the senate as any responsible legislature would be expected to do. Barack Obama never even flinched he went right on campaigning, could it have been he was in on the plan from the beginning?

Democrats live in a fantasy world where they believe they have complete control. For eight years George Bush had talk radio and internet bloggers watching his back. When and if Barack Obama is elected president he will become the main stream Media’s favorite target as every president in the past has become. Obama will be left with only Move-On-Dot-Org and a very few pundits at MSNBC covering his six. Most of his party faithful will defect leaving him swinging in the wind.

The hypocrisy in the Obama camp runs wild, they’ve done their very best to discredit Sarah Palin and Joe the plumber. Even mentioning Obama’s middle name Hussein can be considered racist. Obama personally has kept the touchy feely persona going while his attack dogs run amuck. There have been some low points by candidates in the past but nothing compared to what Obama’s supporters are guilty of. Obama supporters are a composite of what Obama is all about, fraud deception and deceit.

If Obama is elected president it won’t take the first 100 days for all his campaign promises to go up in smoke. The first order he barks to Nancy Pelosi will be his last, she’ll neuter him like a puppy at a PETA clinic. Obama’s been in the United States Senate four years two of which he’s spent campaigning for president. There’s no paper trail to judge Obama by, when a politician doesn’t leave a paper trail it can only mean they haven’t done anything worth mentioning. If oratory is his only talent perhaps he should become a minister or a circus barker and leave politics to those who qualify.

Wake up America your being had by a slick snake oil salesmen out to steal your children’s lollypops.

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