Global Crash Dem’s Extreme Capitalism Makeover

By: Guest Authors

By: E. Anthony Santos

A veteran Trader/Investor aptly put that in a market crisis the bottom is a process not a place. The 40% loss of the stock market over the first 2 months beginning Black Thursday Oct. 24, 1929 marked the beginning of Great Depression. The Global crash of 2008 over the (DJI) current 52 week period has exceeded 40%. Distinguishing the self inflicted Global Crash of 2008, and previous market panics, and crashes over nearly 200 years, government policy, legislation, and Democratic political agenda, engineered the market conditions to effect the present crash. Nearly $3 Trillion dollars is now vaporware since H.R. 1424 $700 Billion dollar “Kneecap” Spending bill made every American shareholders in the “Extreme Capitalism Makeover”.

Notwithstanding the myriad of recounts, law suits, and allegations of (Acorn et al) voter Fraud, demand for Coffee cans, and mattresses are up as the sell-off continues in anticipation of a November 4th “Liberal Hat Trick” There are no positive market predictors to a Barack Obama Administration, retention of Democratic Congressional control, a Liberal Supermajority , and appointment of one or more Liberal Supreme Court Activists.

If there are any doubts what Barack Obama will deliver in the 1st 100 days in office, the actions of our Democratic Congressional wrecking crew over the past 2 years offers insight to the next 4 years. Their economic resume since taking control in 2006 have produced gas price increases $2.25/Gal to $4.10/Gal, Dow Jones 52week High 13990.65 to a 52 week low of 7773.71 and numerous Junk Science Climate Change Bills that serve to choke the economy, restrict the harvest of energy, and jeopardizes national security.

The $1.45 Trillion short list of 110th Congressional door-prizes represents a fraction of Government expansion and new regulation each of these bills demand.

H.R. 5140: Economic Stimulus Act of 2008 $150 Billion
H.R. 3221: Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008 $300 Billion
H.R. 1424: Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 $700 Billion
Latest Congressional Door-prize under consideration
Wall St Journal Democrats Mull $300 Billion Stimulus $300 Billion
l $1.45 Trillion

Henry Waxman’s obsession to investigate all things “CEO” recent focus on Wall St executives, and personal portfolios will likely conclude this crisis to be a failure of Capitalism, and Corporate greed, recommending public crucifixion, flogging, asset seizure
and a healthy capitol injection to fund new oversight. Principals to the failure of Fannie & Freddie, Senator (D) Chris Dodd , Rep. (D) Barney Frank, Franklin Raines et al… are slated for post election Sainthood. A notable Lone Ranger effort by Senator (D) Chuck Schumer should not go without recognition…..

June 2007: Senator Chuck Schumer D-NY Senior member Senate banking committee releases a letter to the press (dated June 26, 2008) communicating to OTC and FDIC “he was concerned that IndyMac’s financial deterioration poses significant risks to both taxpayers and borrowers” The ensuing panic caused an 11 day bank run of 100 million dollars/day, 1.3 billion dollars total forcing the bank into receivership.

The Obama/Biden Middle Class Tag Team Tax policy Ceiling has demonstrated remarkable elasticity in recent days, $250 K/Year, $200 K/Year, $150 K/Year…good news for those who aspire to be incredibly average. The imminent international crisis predicted by the Clairvoyant Joe Biden is one Barack Obama is not able to respond to. Democrats confident of their January 09 assumption of superpowers not having done enough damage to the economy, have alternate plans for the $4.5 Trillion dollars Invested in 401K programs in the US. 401K Programs would be history, existing dollars would be transferred to a Federal “Guaranteed Retirement Account” stripped of tax benefits, require a mandatory 5% contribution , and yield (sittin’ down?) a whopping 3%. $4.5 Trillion Dollars Nationalized by the Federal Government, after devastating the economy, a response to an aggressor would require a Red Phone Speed Dial call to China for an advance on our allowance.

The un-intended consequences by the Left to destroy the Republic and has generated a renewed spirit and commitment to our Founding Principals. Despite those who choose to become wards of the Government on November 4th, Conservative principles will ultimately return Government as a Stronger Republic, proudly and without apology.

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