How Socialist Politicians, Legislating Judges and A Leftist Media Defeated “We, The People”

By: Jack L. Key

I suppose it really began in the mid 1930’s when Franklin Roosevelt was elected President and started his “New Deal” political escape from the throes of the world-wide “Great Economic Depression.” (Which, by the way, was nothing like the current “bail-out” farce being played out on the American people—last count $975 Billion—with another “stimulus amount” yet to come).

Communism had been sweeping Europe with its false promises since WW I and Lenin and Stalin had remade much of Czarist Russia. World Politicians saw great opportunities for themselves and began tying their campaigns to the Manifesto. Roosevelt was neither a socialist or communist, but he admired certain of Stalin’s programs and political sweeps and used them effectively in America.

Roosevelt’s government works programs, social security program and the retreat from the gold standard were the early beginnings of socialism in America. The Democrat Party quickly and quietly embraced them and used the people’s tax money by government grants to enrich and strengthen their own party—and still going on today.

From that point on capitalism and the free market became the tool of its competition. Democrat Party leaders formed and began a 65-year indoctrination and educational political socialization program barely within the parameters of the US Constitution. That effort would end with the 2006-2008 congressional and presidential elections that would end forever the democratic republic government and free market process in America.

The horrors of WW II only strengthened democrat efforts. Roosevelt and Stalin were very successful in defeating the axis powers while building two great socialist empires, America and the Soviet Union. Even Winston Churchill, a sometimes socialist believer, could not bring himself to agree to “split the world” into two separate regions of American-Russian world governance after the war’s end. Even so, it probably would have happened anyway, but Roosevelt died before the war ended in 1945.

His successor was Harry Truman, an old-time democrat that did not trust Stalin and didn’t buy heavily into the American socialist agenda. The republicans were giving the communists in America a rough time with the Un-American Activities Committee and Russian spies were being exposed in the late ‘40’s. Democrats hesitated.

But the American Communist Party was strong and used the emerging Cold War to stave off complete political defeat and the total defeat of the democrat’s socialist’ programs. Truman was narrowly re-elected in 1948, but republicans in Congress halted many of the socialist political and economic programs. The democrats then regrouped and began the modern reorganization of their socialist educational and political agenda that we have today. “Wealth Distribution” is not new—it’s been in force since 1934!

The Korean War in 1950-53 gave the democrats the respite they needed, and provided the opportunity to put the reorganized socialist education plan into full play in American colleges and high schools, even to some lower grades. The fully-engaged Cold War, nuclear weapons and a Republican President, Dwight Eisenhower, provided the political ammunition needed by the socialist democrats to captivate young minds and educate them into the myths of a socialist-capitalist world political system.

This was the time frame where William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, of “Weathermen Underground” fame, among many others, were indoctrinated with the communist-socialist dogma that would culminate in the bombings, killings and government hate programs of the ‘60’s and ‘70’s. Even today Obama has attacked the Constitution again!

The federal government, FBI and the Republican Party were caught completely off guard and had no answers for the growing civil unrest and rioting and attacks on civility that occurred on a daily basis. America’s children were heading down a leftist road that has ended in the socialist government they have now formed. 65% of Congress’ members today are graduates of this era and its teachings!

This was also the time frame when the American press and media would betray their country during the Vietnam Conflict and become the working tools of the socialists as they are today. The media barons and empire-builders saw the opportunity not only to spread their socialist-communist agenda and to defeat the Republican Party as their main controlling factor within the government, but also a way to make huge sums of money for themselves. 24-7 TV News became the left’s most successful propaganda tool.

Media have used this money and the coward’s use of the exclusions they were permitted by the Constitution to commit treason before our very eyes. They have lied and cheated and used their technology and socialist idealism to poison young minds, take America away from the people and turn it over to other political scumbags perhaps worse than themselves. All under the guise of “News now” and “right to know.”

Working within the elements of their political socialist education programs, the media have paired themselves with the far-left sections of the Democrat Party and the leftist Congress and federal judges to bring about a socialist coup in the 2008 ”elections.” A coup that will place them and their democrat politicians in complete control of the American bureaucratic government, the judiciary, the legislative branch, and finally, if or when B. Hussein Obama is elected President, ownership of the executive branch of the United States of America.

American Negroes, during the so-called “Civil-Rights Struggles” of the 1960’s paired themselves with the leftist democrats, treasonous media and the hate-filled socialist elements of the American colleges and schools. They began their own educational programs to indoctrinate blacks with the same socialist dogma and agendas of the media and Democrat Party. Martin Luther King, whether a willing or unwilling partner or not, also signed on to the racist anti-white movements of the Negro communities. He had the political power to change the direction, but he did not.

Because some white-supremacists and a few Southern States defied the government-supported black movements, Black Muslims and other hate groups sprung up within the tolerant blacks and whites who supported full human and civil rights. Riots and whole city sections were burned to the ground and communist-inspired “revolutions” were rampant on every college campus. Murder and killings were wide spread on both sides of the movement. America was a living hell for those of us who lived through it.

Unfortunately, the US government forced white citizens to stop any efforts to take the civil rights argument to all the people through the elective and advocacy process, and the result is the man made, government-enforced black socialist economic programs of today. More forced “wealth distribution—and today Obama calls for more? It never ends!

And so now “We, the People” were told by a Clinton-appointed federal judge in Philadelphia, PA this October 25, that we have no standing as citizens or voters, that only Congress has the power to demand civil proof from our elected officials, or candidates for elected offices. We must do as we are told, accept whatever lie or program is forced upon us, pay any tax that is levied against us, travel only as the government decides, and abide by the laws of legislating federal judges. “Police State” politics.

The government decides for us how our children are raised up, what schools they attend, what studies they will have, and that no religion may be allowed whatsoever in the schools. The government also forces us to accept the fact that impregnated women may kill their unborn children by abortion and never be charged. Our federal government must be atheist by law, allow same-sex marriage, and gays, lesbians, communists and non-citizens lawfully may teach our children in public schools and pastor our churches.

The press and media may say and do whatever they please, set their own standards, abide by their own rules, and exclude any or all competition. The government will tell us who can have a license to speak on the media, if what they say is fair or not, and may take from us any right we may have had if they are in disagreement with us.

The government has set different civil laws for Negroes and Caucasians, in effect for 50 years currently, and different exams for college, qualifications for jobs or government subsidies. Blacks shall have educational and employment opportunities over whites until the government may decide otherwise. The government may allow new programs for blacks as the determination may be made by Congress. Only blacks may lawfully accuse whites of blatant racism, or use it as a defense in the courts.

The government may allow any illegal immigrant into the country at any time, and may assure their good welfare at the expense of U.S. citizens. Foreign contributions in money shall be allowed by certain organizations within and without the government for election of certain candidates in this country as the government only may decide. The government may use taxpayer funds in any amount to support UN programs for other countries as they see fit without U.S. citizen approval.

The government may use taxpayer funds in any amount, both to invest for it’s own individual benefit and for the saving or bail-out of favored companies or banks both within and without the country. The government may fund any and all foreign governments, peoples or individuals as they see fit from time to time and as the Congress or the President shall determine— blah, blah, blah, blah……

“We, The People”, huh? How’s it feel to live in a socialist dictatorship?

Jack L. Key, Ph.D. is an author of several books, political commentator and writes features articles for the print media. He is a retired healthcare professional and a veteran of US Navy aviation. Contact or visit

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