Sarah Palin, The Republicans New Rising Star

By: Ken Hughes

One week before the national election the winner of the presidential campaign is questionable. Regardless of the winner of the 2008 presidential election there’s a new star on the horizon. Sarah Palin will be a prominent figure in the future of American politics. Perhaps even the first female president God willing.

Looking back over the years at persons who’ve been outstanding in political circles each generation produced one or two who remain memorable. Long after Barack Obama, Joe Biden and John McCain are forgotten Sarah Palin will be remembered for her down to earth no-nonsense contribution to the betterment of life in America. With Sarah Palin what you see is what you get and what you get is well worth supporting. Palin is Lady Liberty in the flesh.

Sarah Palin will be judged in a league with such men as Abe Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Harry Truman and Ronald Reagan. As a Mayor and Governor Sarah Palin has already proven leadership beyond any of her contemporaries. We seldom recognize greatness in those we have contact with instead we wait for history to show us their greatness. It seems there are only so many pedestals to place hero’s on, the ones who don’t fall off or get pushed off are the ones history rewards usually it takes years of controversy for the rewards to come to the deserving they eventually come.

More often than not today’s hero is tomorrows pariah and today’s pariah is tomorrow’s hero. Today’s heroes seem to be self-professed with a lot of help from professional hero makers and the media, true hero’s wait for their piers to sing their praises.

The current political climate has become so tarnished with ranker it’s a wonder anyone’s interested in running for political office. In 50 years of following politics I can’t recall anyone ever being derogatorily challenged the way Sarah Palin has been since announcing for the vice presidential position for the Republican Party. The Democratic truffle hunting hogs and the media have spent weeks in Alaska digging for dirt to smear Governor Palin with. To date her only response has been “their being there is good for Alaska’s economy”. It takes a person with a tremendous amount of self-confidence to withstand the abuse Sarah Palin has and not let it shake their stated goals.

Traditionally a presidential candidate’s family has been off-limits to the opposition and the media. This situation changed with Sarah Palin when she showed up unexpectedly as a candidate the Democratic Party and the Media were caught off guard. The Medias only action was reaction, they went after Palin with unsubstantiated allegations mostly made up in DNC headquarters, [wherever that is.] It seems everything the agitators come up with Sarah Palin smiled and waited for the facts to discredit whatever was alighted all the time taking a cretin pleasure in the stupidity of their tactics.

It was the intent of the founding fathers to make government service available to the common person, [in those days’ men.] As is always the case cream rises to the top and it’s also the first to spoil. This spoiled cream has become know as the Washingtonians, an elite group who seem to think they are the exclusive keepers of the keys to government. This mentality isn’t unique to Washington it’s prevalent throughout the 50 state governments. Sarah Palin first challenged the City of Wasilla Alaska’s government for mishandling the cities funds. She then stepped up to the Alaskan state government and cleaned up the corruption prevalent there. It’s unprecedented in political circles for a novas especially a relatively young female home maker to challenge the system and win.

Sarah Palin has been a leader from her elementary school days to the Alaskan Governors office all in a relatively short period of time. Sarah Palin’s ability to manage public funds is monumental. As mayor of Wasilla Alaska she managed to eliminate or reduce local taxes while improving city services by taking money out of the hands of bureaucrats. She even managed to build a sport arena for the youth of the region without raising taxes. Sara Plain’s accomplishments are to numerous to list in one article.

Sarah Palin doesn’t bring a new political philosophy to us she brings the Goldwater / Reagan political ideology of true conservative politics back. Sarah Palin has been able to look her advocacies in the eye and tell them “This is who I am regardless of what you say about me” and smile while she’s doing it. Neither she nor her family have dodged any of the false allegations they’ve stood back and let the facts discredit their accusers.

Sara Palin will become one of the 21st century’s political hero’s. Every westerner knows how hard it is to stop a charging Buffalo

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