Civil Rights For Illegal Aliens?

By: Guest Authors

By: Jake Jacobsen

A recent decision in Federal Immigration court made me wonder: who exactly is entitled to the protections of our constitution?

Judge Michael W. Straus found that the “constitutional rights of sixteen illegal aliens had been violated and that they would be allowed to proceed with their civil rights case.

Just so you understand what’s really going on here, this tactic — demanding ‘civil rights’ for illegal aliens — is part of a broader strategy by the open borders set to provide illegal aliens with all the benefits of citizenship, to make it harder to deport them.

So my question stands: who, exactly, is entitled to civil rights? According to the dictionary, civil rights are “The rights belonging to an individual by virtue of citizenship.” That doesn’t look good for our American Dream thieves, does it?

Noted law blog, The Volokh Conspiracy, recently wrote on this subject:

“Neither foreign nationals who have not yet reached our shores, nor illegal aliens who have done so unlawfully and without the Attorney General?s permission, are entitled to the full panoply of rights available to citizens or even resident aliens. To the contrary, that status by definition places such individuals outside the traditional protections of the Constitution.”

“The traditional protections of the constitution,” i.e., citizenship!

Why is this important? There are whole swathes of very rich, very powerful, and very America-hating people who want to reduce the value of American citizenship — who seem to want to challenge the very idea that being an American citizen has any meaning whatsoever.

As you might imagine they don’t have America’s best interests at heart. The primary object, as far as I can tell, is twofold: to make it easier for illegal aliens to stay in this country in defiance of our law and the will of the people, and to weaken the bonds that make up the very core of this nation.

For these kill-America-first folks a case like this is win-win. Every time we allow the courts or our feckless elites to pretend an illegal alien is a citizen, we twist the knife in the heart of America just a little bit more. Each time we allow them to override the will of the American people a piece of America dies as well.

Let me just go ahead and state the obvious: Constitutional rights are for citizens. Illegal aliens are not citizens, hence they are not afforded constitutional rights unless they are facing criminal charges; then we graciously extend them constitutional rights essentially out of the goodness of our heart.

But the average illegal alien living in this country has no more right to “constitutional rights” here than I do to help myself to your bank account.

If an illegal alien would like to enjoy his constitutional rights, however, he is in luck. My suggestion would be to select the mode of transport most appropriate to his destination and GO HOME!

That’s right, I said HOME. As in the place where his constitutional rights are conveniently located.

Jake Jacobsen writes for the Freedom Folks blog who are “Fighting Illegal Immigration One Post At A Time.” And is the producer for the weekly Youtube show Blogs 4 Borders.

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