Propaganda… The Marketing Of Politics

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By Tom Smisek

I am reading an interesting book; Nazi Propaganda and the Second World War by Aristotle A. Kallis. As a student of both marketing and the Second World War, this subject greatly interests me.

I quote from the first paragraph in the book, “What exactly is propaganda? Nowadays, the word usually associated with deception, lies and manipulation. And yet, propaganda did not always have such a clearly negative meaning. In the first decades of the twentieth century, it was deployed generically to indicate a systematic process of information management geared to promoting a particular goal and to guaranteeing a popular response as desired by the propagandist.

As such, propaganda remains a sub-genus of mass communication and persuasion, developed in the context of modernity to deal with two parallel developments: on the one hand, the increasing expansion and sophistication of the ‘public sphere’ with its ever-growing thirst for information and opinion-forming; on the other hand, the exponential proliferation on available information, making it very difficult for the individual to identify, absorb and analyze the material.”

Adolph Hitler understood the effectiveness of propaganda he said, “People can be lead like sheep”. He implemented one of the most effective campaigns of it’s day with Joseph Goebbels as his Propaganda Minister who used radio, press, cinema and theater to dominate the media. The principles of Goebbles Propaganda can be found at:

Why are we addressing WWII Propaganda? Because we are experiencing the greatest example of modern day propaganda of our time. There are uncanny parallels with 1930 – 40′s Germany and the political process in our country today! Like the “sheep” in Germany, Americans have been force-fed the party line and they follow. Of course you must now know I am talking about left-wing dominated media elite who has inundated the airwaves and print media with pro Obama rhetoric.

In Nazi Germany the government controlled the media, broadcasting and publishing with only the news that they wanted disseminated. Hatred was generated against the Jews. The Fuehrer was a charismatic speaker drawing tens of thousands of cheering fanatic fans, promising “a change” to restore Germany to it’s past glory.

Fast forward to 2008; American mainstream media is now the propaganda arm of the radical liberal movement. Over 74% of the news coverage has been favorable to Obama, and of the remainder, over half has been critical of McCain. Mass media exposure has a motivating effect on the populace. Hitler enthralled the masses with his rousting speeches, a quality that Obama has mastered with the help of the media. Here is how they helped; to the untrained eye, you would not notice the subtleties. Notice, when Obama speaks the media adds a reverberation (echo) effect to portray him as lofty and overpowering. Hitler used this technique. Camera angles of Obama are upward shots again to make him appear larger than life. McCain speaking at similar events does not get this same media manipulation.

All opposition was silenced, sometimes in the most brutal way in the Nazi regime. That doesn’t happen today, right? Think again! Remember “Joe the Plumber”, who, when Obama knocked on his door, questioned him on the proposed tax policies. Obama caught off-guard muttered something about redistribution of the wealth. Joe’s question resonated with the majority of Americans, while Obama showed his true colors with his Marxist philosophy. Embarrassing Obama launched a left-wing blitz against Joe, with Democrats using government computers to investigate the life of a private citizen. Shades of Nazi Germany – when anyone opposing Nazi government was investigated. Ironically. Within 24 hours we knew more about Joe the plumber (to discredit and destroy him) than we do about Obama, because the media refuses to pry into his questionable past.

Silencing opposition is to “shoot the messenger” to silence the message. At one time the news media simply reported the news, but today the biased media manipulates the coverage with innuendo and slant. Example: Both candidates present their views on taxes with equal fervor. Headline: “Obama challenges McCain Tax plan.” Another Headline: “McCain attacks Obama on Tax plan.” See the difference?

Another element of propaganda; avoid, ignore and refuse to expose anything that may be negative to the cause. Obama admitted doing Cocaine while in college… he attended a Black Separatist Church for 20 years… had close associations with anti-American radicals and terrorists… Made past Socialistic statements. Do you remember seeing these stories on MSNBC or CNN? How about reading about the contributions he received from Fanny May / Freddie Mac in the LA Times? No? How about any story on Michelle Obama’s radical past? No again? But I’ll bet that you sure heard about Sarah Palin’s wardrobe!

The LA Times has admitted having a video with Obama attending a “Jew Bashing” fundraiser along with PLO Terrorists. Obama exposes himself with Muslim sympathy at this dinner. You would think this would be headline news. But the LA Times refuses to release the tape and will not even report on the story.

Obama had contacted Random House, his book publisher, recalled one of his books, redacted several references to his support of radicals, and reissued the book. Nothing in the news here either.

The media will often preface a story with a statement like; “Everyone knows…”, “It’s a fact…” or “There is no question…” This puts a believable spin on the statement.

Like sheep, people tend to go with the flow. That brings up the “Polls”. Most people are “joiners” who think that if all around them are going in a direction you go along too. Polls motivate votes to join the trend and vote for the leader. It also is designed to discourage the opposition, feeling all is lost. There are many problems with polls that have been exhibited over the past few elections. When they showed Al Gore and later John Kerry as clear winners, there is a problem. Notice how polls always favor the Democrats until the final days, when they claim. “The race is tightening.” Bull, they do this to cover their ass, so they look somewhat creditable when the results are in.

To the masses the overwhelming media brainwashing campaign seems to be normal. People tend to believe what they read and hear. This election is a classic case of using propaganda to influence the outcome. Should Obama win, GOD HELP US! The radical left-wing movement will have influenced enough gullible “sheep” and will change our country into a socialist nation. Should America look past the deceit, lies and media manipulation, we have a chance.
Tom Smisek, CPC principal, is a Certified Professional Consultant who has worked in advertising, marketing and media since 1957. Tom established Tom Smisek Advertising Inc., in 1968 in Orange County California. which evolved to Tom Smisek Advertising/Marketing Consultants (TSC) founded in 1980.

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