Shouldn’t Obama Run For President of Kenya Instead?

By: Lance Winslow

According to a lawsuit filed in Pennsylvania, there seems to be some accusations as to where Senator Obama was actually born. President Obama has submitted a birth certificate that he was born in Hawaii, others say Kenya and claim the birth certificate looks altered from his sisters birth certificate. If he was born in Kenya and his father was a Kenyan then he is also citizen of Kenya. Since his mother was an American at the time of his birth then he would have American Citizenship, thus dual citizenship if he was born in Kenya to US Citizen and a Kenyan Citizen. However, if Obama is a citizen of Kenya, then why doesn’t he help out that poor nation?

No, I am not suggesting that as President, he allot budget any more monies to the Kenyan Government or go and visit the Kibera Slum in Nairobi rather, why doesn’t he do something really valuable for that nation? Why doesn’t he run for President there? Why do I ask this? Well, there seems to be a lot of conflict right now in the lower court in PA that Senator Barrack Obama may not be eligible to run for President. There are various other cases filled in other states as well.

Now it is too late to take his name off the ballots even if he cannot prove he is eligible, as most have already been printed. The electronic ballots in many states could easily remove his name, but that is not likely to happen because, everything takes time in the courts and it appears that the process cannot be completed before the election, thus, the Obama Campaign has run out the clock on this objection prior to the election. Besides if they removed his name from the ballots there would be riots in many cities, because so many people love him. There could be riots if they removed his name now.

However, if it is found out that he is not actually eligible to run for President, after the election, Obama could possibly be impeached prior to him going into the White House or the legal battle could rage on for a year, ultimately removing him from office. Well, all this is predicated on the question; Is Obama legally allowed to run for President, as per the Constitution of the US? If Obama holds dual citizenship with Kenya, one asks where does his allegiance stand?

Most would side with his statement that he is a proud American and assume that he stands with the United States of America, but this is a tricky “legal” issue and one of the reasons why the Constitution reads the way it does. He is a Constitutional Lawyer, so he knows the reality of law. So, it is purely a legal consideration, having nothing to do with his love of the country.

If for some reason an unfortunate truth were to appear later regarding Obama’s constitutional right to run for President or lack thereof. Then I would certainly like to see him run for the Presidency of Kenya, because of the horrible conditions and corruption there? I believe he is the perfect man for the job and that such experience would certainly give him more political capital in the future. If Kenya had such a great leader, can you imagine what they could do there to fix all their problems? Wouldn’t that be so wonderful for everyone?

Besides he could really help people that need his leadership skills so badly, in the Kibera Slums in Nairobi, Kenya, it’s a matter of life and death day-by-day there. So do consider this.

Lance Winslow is the author of an eBook on the Urban Slums of Nairobi, Kenya;

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