The Obama’nestias Are Beginning To Sweat

By: Ken Hughes

I have a liberal e-mail buddy who is so extreme in her liberalism I swear she must have a tat of a red star on her butt somewhere [although I’ve never seen it.] My friend is beginning to concede Hillary may have been the wiser choice for the Democratic Party. My friend is beginning to question some of the things Obama says he stands for now that he’s talking like a conservative.

She and her husband are two of the last people on earth we would expect to be Obama supporters. They live on a rather sizable yacht on the west coast of Florida and are heavily involved in the real estate market. My friend is well on her way to becoming a PhD in international economics. In my opinion economics and Obama in the same sentence is an oxymoron. In some distorted way of thinking she holds Bush responsible for the lending market getting into the situation it’s in. The lending market went south so to speak when Democrats in congress such as Barney Frank and Chuck Schumer insisted the qualifications for lending be expanded to include known deadbeats. Bush on the other hand was asking congress for limitations on questionable lending.

Be advised Mr. Obama America is not a dictatorship it’s a constructional republic it takes 535 congress persons and the president to make decisions and pass laws.

Liberal congress persons are fond of interpreting the constitution to include the non-achievers rapist’s child molesters drug abusers and about anyone society deems an undesirable, it’s a shame congress has yet to understand the 10th amendment limiting the powers of the federal government to those things written in the constitution. The constitution says all men [persons] are equal there are no provisions for one group to be granted preferential treatment over others. If the public is ever to understand the workings of their government congress the media and educators must first get the syntax in proper order and eliminate the confusing double talk.

Several political commercials I’ve heard suggest some candidate voted with the president 90% of the time. They voted on the presidents bills 90% of the time. In both cases the terminology is deliberately flawed. Presidents neither submit bills nor vote on them. Once a bill’s been approved by a committee for presentation to the full house the bill proceeds to the floor where it’s hashed and rehashed and the appropriate pork has been added it goes to the president for his approval or veto as he chooses, then back to congress to be made into law.

My friend in Florida can’t be held accountable for her total misunderstanding of how the founding fathers meant for the government to work. My friend is under 50 years old her education came from the New Deal mentality prevalent among today’s educators.

When I came into this world in 1932 welfare was something most people avoided like a plague. It was felt to be demeaning for someone not to be able to provide for his or her family. Because of circumstances not of their making a quarter of the population was forced to rely on the government for assistance. The government providing assistance is like planting weeds in a field, soon the weeds take over and the green grass is gone. A World War came and women children and anyone capable of holding up for 8 hours had a job. For the first time in ten years of [Democratic rule] what’s become to be known as progressive socialism people were working. The war ended and the men came home to find they were being emasculated by new government mandates of equality for all. This of course was a noble cause but as all government mandates much overdone considering the times.

In the 1960’s when Democrats finally lost the battle to maintain their brand of slavery in America a new ideology emerged to keep minorities in line and dependent on the government for their daily bread. Public housing food stamps health care child care regulated education. All the thing necessary to maintain life at a minimum level were available, all the recipients had to do was renounce family life religion and the benefits of a man in the home, and government was now the man of the house. Stud service [i.e.] baby daddy replaced father husband man of the house. In the lower economic segment of life in America life changed from the traditional to something liberals like Obama refer to as progressive.
In order for these people to qualify for the government to pamper them with Mac & Cheese and Wal-Mart debit cards they must first give up what made this country great, the individual incentive for success and personal pride.

My friend in Florida wants America to adopt the same socialist programs the Europeans enjoy. What my friend doesn’t understand without the market economies of America and the Pacific Rim countries the European progressive economies would collapse. The whole purpose behind those European economies is to control growth and limit employment. Socialists don’t seem to understand even parasites must be feed and in order to be feed things must grow and expand in relation to the growth and expansion of the parasites. 80 % of all consumer goods comes from America and the pacific Rim countries.

As long as we have a constitution and enough people are willing to defend it the Liberal Socialist can’t turn America into a Cuba or a Venezuela. American’s are a complacent people not a stupid people, In my opinion it’s time America looks west and not east for it’s friends.

The vote you cast for a president is less important than a vote for a more conservative congress

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