Go Palin, No-bama

By: Eddie Clements

Sarah Palin is a woman, a mother, a politician that one can look upon with pride and say “she represents the best of America”. Can one say that about Senator Obama or any of his associates? If The Creator has chosen to intercede in this election, The Lord’s choice must be The Honorable Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska, United States of America.

The full title description is aimed at all dissenters of her selection as the Vice-Presidential candidate for Republicans. Rather than being a mistake, my humble opinion is that the choice by Senator McCain was nothing less than Divinely inspired.

Who better for the United States than a strong Christian with fundamental family values? A woman of relentless accomplishment, earthy character and easy personal warmth looms as a giant over the whining, grasping dwarf Senator Obama. While Governor Palin is a true citizen-legislator as envisioned by the Founding Fathers, Senator Obama is an absurd, Stalin-like, power-hungry parody of a career politician, who with monumental hubris takes it upon himself to pronounce the U.S. Constitution as inadequate.
Twisting John F. Kennedy’s famous line into “ask what your government must do for you”, Obama manages to turn the concept of limiting powers on its head. The time-honored, time-tested concept of limiting government power becomes all-powerful government. The stated goal is to seize the riches of this nation and “spread the wealth around”.

Governor Palin comes from a fully-developed background that includes a solid work ethic, core moral values and full understanding of her responsibilities. She seeks to inspire to greater things those who have labored to make the country work under the U.S. Constitution and all it implies. She will not be deterred from “pursuing happiness”, and wants the same for everyone else.

Her life is fully witnessed; his contains gaping empty holes. She has ample executive governing experience, he has zero. She is a true practicing Christian, while he proclaims piety like a Pharisee. The testimony to her mothering and wifely skills is on display at every campaign event, accompanied by a loving, smiling family. Obama, by contrast, is surrounded by glowering, threatening apparatchiks salivating over the chance for power.

Governor Palin’s response to ridiculous ridicule on Saturday Night Live was to join the party and participate in self-deprecating humor. Obama’s response to three newspaper’s endorsements of McCain-Palin was to ban them from access. She includes, he excludes.

Coincidentally, it was three “conservative” writers, mentioned by none other than the liberal flack E. J. Dionne, who compromised their integrity to trash the estimable Governor. Like hobos hopping a train to anywhere but here, the journalistic vagabonds Peggy Noonan, Kathleen Parker and David Brooks sought a free ride to continued status at major publications. Their comments could only help Obama, knowing they would be forgiven by McCain and Palin. Pointing out Obama’s numerous and obvious flaws might get them banned from good parties.

It is only necessary to note that these three, like liberal “journalists” who are so far removed from normal America, were scribbling lines while Sarah Palin moved from sports broadcaster, to PTA participant, to mayor, to Governor with an 80% approval rating from the Alaskan populace, to Vice-Presidential candidate and Reagan’s heir-apparent. Along the way, she and her manly husband raised a beautiful family. Meanwhile they are all still just scribbling.

This Presidential race is not just about power, it is about absolute power, the kind of power exercised by The Creator, at Whose right hand too many voters feel Senator Barack Obama sits. Some feel this is finally the path to righting the “wrongs” that have victimized too many for too long. Now an interview with Obama at a Chicago area radio station in 2001 confirms his self-assumed Messiah status, believing he alone can show the way to run a nation correctly. These free-holders had it all wrong.

Joe Biden’s immediate reaction and the Obama campaign’s reaction next day to the Orlando television station’s news anchor can only mean a nerve was struck when she asked how Obama’s redistribution theories were different from Marxism. They are well aware that the words socialist, Marxist, and Communist carry special connotations in today’s America, concepts so many Americans have fought bravely against.

Now it seems we are on the threshold of electing a deceptive individual whose known associates are criminals and near criminals to the nation’s highest office. “That one” brings with him a vulgar cohort the likes of which this nation has never experienced. We will truly move from a democracy to a thugocracy, closer to Joseph Stalin’s Soviet Union than the vision of our Founding Fathers.
The saddest part of this is the millions that will vote for him. Some are enamored of the idea that the first black will assume the Presidency, such as the mainstream media, and many blacks who see this as a heretofore unattainable opportunity. Others back him in hopes of attaining positions of career-enhancing influence, bargaining away their inheritance of integrity for a mess of power pottage.

The overwhelming majority of Obama’s backers, though, are people who have been deceived with their eyes wide open. “You can lead a student to knowledge but cannot make him think.” Our education system doesn’t lead to knowledge and analysis, but has forced students to drink propaganda. The constant drone of leftist nonsense has brought our nation to an intellectual shambles. Obama succeeds by mass Jedi mind-tricks.
With a Democrat Congress set to obtain a filibuster proof, override proof majority, and a Democrat President, Congress becomes a rubber-stamp Reichstag, a’ la NAZI Germany. That scenario means there are no checks on the Chief Executive’s wish list, which includes wealth redistribution. Obama said it himself!

Should the McCain-Palin ticket fail, there is hope in the person of Governor Palin. She can energize conservatives, and others, like no one since Ronald Reagan. The left is kidding itself if it believes conservative ideas are over; conservatism is the natural order. The idea of “change” is what they think Obama is all about, and that alone is moving his candidacy. No major-party candidate in U.S. history is as radical as Obama, or slicker in obfuscating his true intentions. Obama’s change will take us backward. He has been helped immeasurably by an irresponsibly murderous mainstream media, who have tried to assassinate Governor Palin.

McCain is right in that changes must come to our methods and not our beliefs. However, sadly, the steadfast and patriotic sailor’s time has about run its course. The true future standard-bearer is his Vice-Presidential choice. Governor Palin can go over the elitists’ heads directly to the American people, and will. Her faith, energy, cheerfulness, optimism, and pragmatism embody hope for an America fatigued by constant assault on everything we believe in.

People here and the world over who also cherish freedom and the chance to realize their dreams in a place like America must make their voices heard, and banish pessimistic opportunists despite “intellectual” elitists who think they know better. We can make this work by openly expressing support for conservatism, and its true leaders, and must if we are to advance in freedom and prosperity.

Eddie Clements

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