Is Obama’s Greater Good Really Good

By: Ken Hughes

The best place to get a fair composite of the news each day is to log onto the Drudge Report. Recent polls indicate Drudge is the number one source for news in the country. Contrary to what liberals tell us Drudge doesn’t write news he reports through links from most of the major news souses throughout the world then links them together on a single page. What liberals object to about Drudge is he usually reports the story before the spin masters have an opportunity to revisit and block the facts.

In the past few weeks we’ve seen several stories from some of Obama’s most ardent media supporters that haven’t presented him in his best light. The Media has always been about sensationalism most of the time they report what they think will sell. Sarah Palin came along and turned the campaign upside down dropping Barack Obama below the fold. The Joe the plumber made a fool out of Obama. When you’re the rabbit out front and the turtle passes you it’s time to do and say something different but not stupid. Up to now Barack Obama’s had a canned presentation he’s used for two years. In essence that was “I know what’s best for America more than the founding fathers did.” Things have changed and he has to alter a presentation that had been so far left now he can only move to the right. Too many of the reporters that’s an indication Obama’s selling out to the center, ergo they’re extracting their pound of flesh for his [dising] them, That and he’s beginning to show them he’s no lon
ger the freshest head of cabbage in the pile.

There little question Barack Obama is little more than an object owned by a special interest group. His mannerisms, his speech and everything about him could have been created by Shakespeare and Da Vinci for as much sincerity and authenticity as he displays. To put Obama in his proper prospective he’s and empty suit without substance or experience. “We the People” may have a lot to worry about if Obama becomes president and is backed up by a congress made up of 60 % Liberal Democrats. If the congress is equally divided between political parties as it should be then hope is still with us. An Eagle takes a left wing and a right wing to maintain its balance congress is no different.

If Barack Obama succeeds in capturing the oval office it’ll be because of the greatest publicity stunt in history. A propaganda campaign that exceeds anything P T Barnum could have pulled off. There was nothing exceptional about Obama until Chicago’s Political Cabal got their hands on him and began the most extensive publicity campaign in political history. Barack Obama has become little more than a Robotic CD player answering to a remote control in his owner’s hands. Barack Obama is truly a case of taking a sow’s ear and making it into a silk purse. There’s nothing in this mans past that remotely qualifies him for the leader of the free world. Nor is there anything in his beliefs that qualify him for anything other than a second rate political hack.

If Barack Obama should happen to win the presidency it won’t be the first time incompetence prevailed. Fortunately voting errors can be corrected every four years. That is unless Obama and a 60% Liberal Democratic Congress roll up the constitution and burn it in the dead of night. There was a time when cretin traditions were sacrosanct. There were rights the public took for granted, cretin things the government could but would not do. This is no longer the case and the public is slow to realize just how many of their rights have been circumvented in the name of the greater good.

Who are these people who determine what the greater good is and who sets the rules of political correctness? I can’t recall ever having been asked my opinion on either subject. We live in an America that isn’t the America of the founding fathers or even of our own fathers. Morality, humility, family and religion have all become pariahs. These are becoming the times where all things are permissible except moral restraint. Spank a child and you go to jail, rape a child and you’re released and advised to get counseling.
Pray in school and you’re expelled, use drugs in school and again you’re advised to get counseling. Baby-Daddy has replaced words like father and husband. Children are raised by Grandmothers and Aunties. A Family dinner consists of Taco Bell burritos and a Coke in front of a T V screen. Dinning out means hopping in the family SUV and heading for the nearest McDonald’s drive up window. Children who aren’t in pre-school by age 3 are considered deprived of a good education. Children who are home-schooled are looked down on. Children who attend parochial schools become outcasts. These are only a few of the things liberalism has forced on the public. These advocates for the greater good intend to regulate our every thought and move from the food we eat to the clothing we wear and God only knows what else. This is what Barack Obama intends to bring to America in the way of change for the greater good. [Pardon my French but I say screw the greater good.]

Before casting your vote ask yourself if you were consulted on the changes Obama intends to bring to America. Before you pull the lever or otherwise mark your ballot in your mind repeat this phrase, “Of the people, by the people and for the people.” Then take a moment to let its meaning soak in.

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