Obama: 600 Million Dollars Later Is the Question Still Above Your Pay Grade?

By: Rev. Bresciani

It took six weeks for Barack Obama to admit he was a bit flippant about his answer about when human life actually begins. Now only days away from the general election has his answer changed at all?

Obviously it is not a question Barack Obama likes to deal with and no one can force him to do so but that says nothing about the fact that upwards of 150 million Americans still believe the question is critical.

Obama has spent 600 million dollars of his party’s campaign chest for a job that pays $400,000 annually with a $50,000 expense account attached. A few CEOs and top execs may get more than the president but none of them had to spend 600 million to get the job.

All totaled if Obama wins it will cost America $6,450,000 to get him into the oval office and keep him there for one year. Some of us think that should be enough expenditure and pay to ask and expect an answer to the aforementioned query. Yes, it is within Sen. Obama’s pay grade.

The question was made to go away in most of the debates or it was downplayed. But does this question actually go anywhere. It should go directly to the conscience of every American who has two ears and a brain and of course; a heart.

Recently Mexican actor and producer Eduardo Verastegui released a video and a message on the internet that is perhaps the most candid and horror filled view of the results of an actual abortion. The video is followed by Verastegui’s impassioned plea for Americans to consider what it is they are doing. He is not reticent to use terms like holocaust in his argument.

Can we actually say that something that is law has created a holocaust? It was a law in Germany to slaughter every Jew that could be rounded up across the German nation and all of the lands Hitler had conquered! No one thinks that justified the horror of the holocaust.

Since its inception in 1973 Roe v Wade has now surpassed the combined total of the world’s three worst genocides in modern history and that in this nation alone. Joseph Stalin 30 million, Hitler 6 million. All remaining combined genocides since total about 5 million deaths.

The grand total of genocidal driven deaths for the past two generations world wide then is 41 million people. Roe v Wade has claimed 50,000,000 in this nation alone since 1973. Can anyone regardless of pay grade answer this question? Shouldn’t the question be, is there anyone who would dare not to answer this question!

Can America waltz off to the polls and never consider this question. Can a nation suspend, or supplant the question with concerns over stock markets, taxes and mortgages. Sadly it seems the answer is yes.

Yet, the national answer will eventually be followed by a carefully placed ‘no’ in the fiber, the economy and the standing of this nation in the world.

World renowned preacher Dr. R. G. Lee preached a sermon entitled “Payday Someday” to thousands of audiences around the world. The sermon wasn’t based on some high Barthian theological treatise but on a single piece of scripture spoken by the Apostle Paul that applies to an individual or an entire nation. “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” (Galatians 6:7)

The question of when life begins is not above the pay grade of any American. The question can be deferred but never denied. If it should be set aside for now, one question already answered is that there is a “payday someday.”

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