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By Michael John McCrae

I am writing this the day of Election 2008. In Kuwait it is November 4th, but at the moment it is still November 3rd in America. The vote has kicked off but I have to wait till 1 o’clock A.M. to begin seeing any of the results. I will take a nap and be up to watch some of the coverage before I have to go to work.

I do want to say that this election has forced me to become very educated in the remaining candidates. I did not particularly want John McCain as a President because I have been familiar with his reluctance to support many mainstream conservative positions over the years. I consider him a social liberal. It is his fiscal conservatism and his stance on America’s national security that allows me to look at him as a possible president.

I have absolutely no desire to see Barack Obama as America’s president. Again, I say I was forced to become very educated and what I learned about candidate Obama assures me that America is making a terrible mistake to trust someone who is essentially a silver-tongued Marxist.

If the polls are correct then I wonder.

I have become sincerely curious as to the infatuations of the electorate.

Obama has been found to be an extreme liberal. Could my country be falling to the faults of socialism?

What is the infatuation with a man who has voted to allow the deaths of children born alive from botched abortions?

What is the infatuation with a man who has repeatedly lied about cutting taxes for anyone?

What is the infatuation with someone who has repeatedly called for surrender to America’s Islamic enemies?

What is the infatuation with someone who agrees with the philosophy of domestic terrorism and voter fraud?

What is the infatuation with someone who throws his friends away at the mere thought of political liability?

These questions intrigue me because this is who Obama is. This is what Obama has been. So I believe he will carry this personal baggage and these ideals that stand starkly against American culture into the Oval Office of America. He will change America, but into something that will no longer be an aid to the world. I believe he will change America into one of the world’s greatest liabilities.

The world cannot survive a Marxist America. America already struggles with socialism and Marxism in public education. The incredible numbing down in America’s educational institutions has put American children at risk; unable to compete for jobs higher than middle class, minimum wage payouts.

Combined with the higher taxes suggested at corporate levels, the only children that will be able to advance in such an environment will be the children of the elite that attend private schools. Yet, that is the goal of a Marxist. The elites get all the advantages off the backs of the workers.

The world is dependent upon a free America. An America that has become socialist will eventually look like the old Soviet empire. The Soviets were unable to sustain their satellite nations. Had they been able to prosper at all, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics would not have fallen. The communist utopia would have remained united and it would have meant the eventual fall of America.

Millions upon millions of people over the entire world have desired American citizenship and the reason for that is freedom. They wanted freedom to pursue life, liberty and happiness. Socialism offers none of that. Under socialism, nobody own anything except the state and the state is the one which decides who gets what and how much. Obama makes no apologies for wanting to be the head of such a state.

I can understand the infatuation of hard-cord leftists who have shown such love for Castro, Chavez, Mugabe, Ortega, Hu Jintao, Kim Jong Il, Vladmir Putin, William Ayers, and Barack Obama.

What I have trouble understanding is the infatuation of those who have been engaged, educated and knowing of Obama and his extreme leftism that do not necessarily stand on the extreme left.

“Change” is the mantra of Marxism. To want America to “change” into a mirror of all the past failed attempts of Soviets, Communists, Fascists, Totalitarians and American Democrats is patently absurd. Yet the history of failure within socialist nations doesn’t seem to matter much to the electorate; just as it matters none at all to the mainstream press.

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