Looking Into The Eye Of The Future

By: Ken Hughes

Was that what the founding fathers were doing looking into the distant future, could they see 200 years down the road? The founding fathers created the first citizen government in the history of the world. Even Ben Franklin one of its creators doubted it could work. The Electoral College was included in the constitution to assure no political party could manipulate an election in their favor. The Democrats seem to have gone beyond just manipulating to out right fraud to win this election, I’m referring to ACORN and voter registration. The question is have they manipulated the voters or just the media and the polls?

By the time this article is posted we’ll know who came out the winner. Either way America wins, 4 years of an Obama or McCain administration will have the same effect as the Jimmy Carter administration had. It will be 4 years of fumbling and bumbling, only the public will suffer. Maybe it takes something like this to wake the public up to the fact this is a government “Of the people By the people and the people are required from time to time to pay attention, to what’s happening to their government.

Jimmy Carter’s failed administration brought us Ronald Reagan and three decades of unprecedented prosperity. The voters failed to watch for the Fox in the Hen house, the real villains in Washington, Congress and allowed these 535 men and women to steal us blind. Each new congress comes up with a new word for stealing, it’s been called pork, discretionary spending and set asides. Anything it’s called it’s stealing when it’s not in the best interests of all the people.

If Barack Obama is elected president Barney Frank becomes Speaker of the House and Chuck Schumer is chosen leader of the Senate God must be punishing America for reasons we can’t understand. Or maybe it’s because America seems to have given up believing in God.

Maybe we should all have prayed before we voted

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