Voters Again Reject Artificial “Gay Marriage”

By: Guest Authors

By: Matt Barber

Lynchburg, VA – Matt Barber, Director of Cultural Affairs with both Liberty Alliance Action and Liberty Counsel, released the following statement regarding the passage of marriage protection amendments in California, Arizona and Florida:

“While the outcome of this year’s election was a referendum on a historically poor economy, it was also a mandate against artificial “same-sex marriage” and the rampant judicial activism which has forced this silly and oxymoronic, though very harmful, notion into popular lexicon.

“Although president-elect Obama has indicated his opposition to both the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and all constitutional marriage protection amendments, this election proves that he is sorely out of step with the American people on these issues. Obama has said he opposes “gay marriage.” It’s time for him to put his money where his mouth is. The passage of these three state constitutional amendments is an indicator that Obama, who has pledged full support for every single demand of extremist homosexual pressure groups, must recalibrate his far-left positions on these and other social issues if he wishes to be an effective leader.

“Exit polls indicate that in the Democratic strong-hold of California, African-Americans, over 90 percent of whom voted for Obama, also supported California’s marriage protection amendment (Proposition 8) by an overwhelming 70 to 30 percent.

“The institution of legitimate marriage is a cornerstone of any healthy society. If you introduce counterfeit money into society, it devalues the dollar. By the same token, if you introduce counterfeit “gay marriage” into society, it devalues the institution of natural marriage. President-elect Obama owes his African-American supporters and the rest of America assurances that he will work to protect the cornerstone institution of legitimate marriage and reject the free-speech killing, religious liberties chilling agenda of the radical homosexual lobby.”

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