It’s Time For A New Republican Party

By: Ken Hughes

To say Republicans lost this election is an understatement, more like they threw it away would be more appropriate. My father was a Cattle Rancher. A maverick is a calf that’s strayed from the heard, it’s still a bovine it still eats and craps the same as the rest of the heard it just does it some distance away. Most people consider a maverick to be a critter that’s lost its way. Words have a way of losing their correct meaning such as “progressive and change” when what’s meant is socialist and dictatorial style governments.

I’m not sure who said it or if anyone did “there’s all kinds of opportunity in defeat” If they choose Republicans can turn this defeat into the greatest opportunity since the party was founded.

Without some serious rethinking the Republican Party is headed for the embalming table. The ideology of the [isms] has destroyed many political parties, communism, socialism, fascism and last but not least good-old-boy’ism. Most political parties have only one meaning exclusive club. It’s time for local Republican districts to reconsider how they conduct themselves. I’ve attended a few County Republican Party functions in the past few years and the most obvious thing that came to me was the air at ceiling level was the most contaminated. [If this needs an explanation I’ve proven my point.] The national elections in the next 2 and 4 years will be orchestrated by the internet bloggers and not the national media.

Talk radio is perhaps the most influential media source in the country these days. Fox Cable News, Matt Drudge, Rush Limbaugh and Internet Bloggers dominate information outlets. This is what the world is coming to, information flowing freely between all people. That’s what the Republican Party needs to adopt to stay in the game. It needs to recruit more of the common folks and be able to distinguish between common and the underachievers. The Republican Party is no longer the party of the rich it’s become the party of the middle class small business owners. Those people who were once known as the working class. They still work but now it’s for them-selves. They’ve been driven into self-employment by high corporate taxes and excessive government regulations created by a congress unsympathetic to the needs of the people. They are Americas achievers and need to be paid attention to better by Republicans than Democrats.

It’s becoming obvious there are new and more exciting sources of information than the old time media. Today we have the citizen pundit known as Internet Bloggers. The internet has opened political discussion to anyone who cares to express an opinion. Unfortunately the leaders of both political parties are slow to recognize the importance of these new opinion makers. They refuse to consult with these people who have this new influence over the voters.

There are many dedicated men and women serving in congress however most are relegated to maintain a silence until they’ve served long enough to learn the pecking order. This is not what the founding fathers intended when they established the principle of one man one vote. Congressional language is filled with idioms that don’t coincide with the constitution making the individuals vote count. Congress has adopted the rules of a sporting event where winning is all important, the purpose of the game has been lost in time.

Aside from providing financial backing and racking up votes the publics been forgotten in the political process, their viewed as little more than a necessary nuisance. The public is to blame for the treatment they receive from their government and those who represent them. I’m engaged in communication with both conservatives and liberals aside from the rhetoric there isn’t much difference between the two. Both are intent on blaming someone else and slow to accept any personal responsibility for what they consider the demise of America. They quote the popular political phrases they’ve heard without ever understanding the meanings. It’s easier to repeat something someone said than spend a moment to consider if it’s plausible.

The Republican Party never once challenged the ridiculous allegations made against George Bush. They allowed them to stand knowing full well they couldn’t possibly be true. In eight years George Bush never took a step that wasn’t approved by congress. He never voted on a single piece of legislation. He never passed a law they must be approved by congress before he signs them. It wasn’t he wouldn’t have liked to it’s because the constitution doesn’t allow for it. It’s the job of congress and the political parties to educate the public not manipulate them, something they’re woefully remiss in doing.

Unless or until congress and the political parties start recognizing the public as an essential part of the political process internet bloggers will, when that happens both congress and the political parties will suffer. It’s time the Republican Party got off their collective asses and began to realize it’s time to stop talking and go to work.

If every vote counts then every citizen counts as well. The Republican Party needs to wake up grow up and stand up.

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