Listen Up Conservatives!

By: Guest Authors

By Michael John McCrae

Since the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980 conservatives have been unable to find any voice with equal authority and charisma to keep the voting public swayed to the side of moral values, personal faith and personal responsibility.

There was a time in America when men and women looked to themselves or their family when dealing with illness, financial trouble, employment problems or just plain companionship. They looked to God for spiritual comfort. They looked to government for leadership and protection.

Times have certainly changed.

Nowadays too many people look to TIME Magazine, the mainstream media, Ophra Winfrey, Dr. Phil and the government to afford comfort, food, clothing, gasoline, mortgage relief, health care and every other desire that could possibly fall into the category of “entitlement” or “right”. They no longer need moral leadership or protection. They are willing to accept welfare and they have become willing to let the United Nations handle it.

Government will ensure the right to homosexual “marriage” based on some reinterpretation or retranslation of letters written by the Founding Fathers who most assuredly included a “right to privacy” in the United States’ Constitution.

Government will ensure your mortgage payment with some segment of the $700 billion bank bailout and will ensure the equal redistribution of any money made by any worker to any non-calloused hand stretched out far enough.

There was a time when most people believed the Holy Scriptures included quality laws and upstanding proverbs for life issues. You shall not steal. You shall not kill. You eat if you work. You sow what you reap.

In this day and age many men don’t want to be reminded of God or his words of personal responsibility or moral cleanliness.

It is so much easier to accept the premises of pornography over the commands of faith. It is much easier to accept the immediate consolations of lust than the lasting commitment of love. It is easier to abort babies even to the moment of that first breath than to accept the responsibility of raising a child to adulthood. Government has made these immoral choices easy.

For too long conservatives have held their peace; possibly believing that they were safe because they weren’t bothering anyone in particular.

Not all conservatives were quiet, but when the noisy ones made their cases against the relentless assaults of leftists, socialists and fascists, there were not enough voices in support to stop the ensuing flood of liberal immorality that is so infecting the education centers, churches, courts and congressional buildings of America.

Conservatives sowed silence and reaped silence in return. Conservatives are now the voices of those crying in the wilderness and the deaf ears of the liberals will not respond.

It is not the time to be angry or afraid. It is time to be active. Conservatives must keep themselves informed and engaged. Why?

Liberals cannot handle success. Liberals have screwed things up every time they’ve tried it their socialistic way. History has proven socialism a false and failed approach. True prosperity is achieved when government gets out of the way and allows people their life, liberty and freedom to pursue happiness. So when the liberals screw America up again, it will become the responsibility of concerned and knowledgeable conservatives to put the liberal pseudo-genie back in the bottle.

It is up to you conservatives. Stay alert. Stay aware and engaged. Stay educated and fight against the false rhetoric and the outright lies that pepper the pages of the liberal playbook. In short, fight back with those things you know to be true. Make your voice heard.

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