So What Happens Now?

By: Guest Authors

By: Craig Chamberlain

Barack Obama is now the President Elect. That means that a person of African descent will be living at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. So now that the historic has happened can we please stop saying that America is an inherently racist country as if it were gospel truth. I mean a black man has been elected President in a country where blacks are a minority, that has never happened before. Has a black ever been elected Prime Minister of Great Britain, or an Arab President of France? Yet somehow I doubt that the left will let the myth of Amerikkka die.

I didn’t vote for Obama, and while I’m sure in the eyes of his supporters this is an automatic guilty verdict in making me a racist, I wish him well. Good luck to him, he has to put the campaign rhetoric aside and make decisions. That’s something that he has had trouble with in the past as all those “present” vote should attest to. As John McCain rightly pointed out, that’s not something he can do as President. He’ll have to make a decision. And being a leftist I doubt he’ll make good ones.

We already know what his domestic policy is: higher taxes, more spending, cutting back the military, withdrawing our troops from Iraq, imposing the “fairness doctrine” to eliminate the first amendment rights of his critics, card check instead of secret ballots so that his union allies can intimidate workers into signing onto form a union(a bigger union means more money for the union which they will spend to help the Democrats, no wonder the Democrats are so in favor of it) leftists judges who are more interested in empathy and international law than they are in the constitution, and absolutely no restrictions on abortion. The ban on partial birth abortion will probably be repealed, as will the Hyde Amendment along with the Mexico City Policy. The next four or eight years will not be friendly ones for those who are pro life.

Despite his claims of being post racial and post partisan I think people should be skeptical. He’s done nothing to show that he is actually willing to work with the Republicans. In fact it is very likely that we will see the most hyper partisan presidency in history(so much for post partisan) and anyone who disagrees with our new President will be called a racist(so much for post racial). Hardly a way to build bridges, heal wounds and get things done.

While his domestic agenda is troubling, it’s nothing America hasn’t seen before. These same stale, tired, and useless ideas are what inspired LBJ’s Great Society, and FDR’s New Deal. Been there done that, it doesn’t work. But it seems that a new generation of Americans is going to have to have that drilled into their heads before they learn that old lesson. Until we do we can get used to inflation, higher unemployment, higher taxes and a return to the welfare society. While all of this is bothersome it can be dealt with later.

Where America is likely in real danger is in foreign affairs. Obama has promised to meet and talk with hostile and terrorits leaders without preconditions. That hardly projects and image of strength. America has not been attacked be terrorists since 9-11, and that has been because of the measures taken by President Bush. It is unlikely that President Obama is going to be so agressive.

Is he going to cave to the Russians over the missile shield in Poland? Is he going to do anything to make sure that Iran does not acquire nuclear weapons? Will he do anything to counter Hugo Chavez’s poisonous influence throughout South America? These are problems that face all Americans. Terrorism is a threat to all, not just to those who didn’t vote for Obama. He’s now going to be the President of the United States, not just the “blue states” let’s hope he puts the country’s needs and problems above the interests of his own ideology and party.

If he truly wants to heal wounds and move past party then he needs to put the country’s needs over his party’s and over his own ideology.

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