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November 9, 2008

Obama’s Great win? Not so Great, Really

The near orgasmic reaction in the media to Barack Obama’s win on Election-day is universal. His is being hailed as a mandate, a game changing win, a landslide. But, in reality, Obama’s “wind” was not as “righteous” as he thought, …

Sarah Palin — A post-Election Tribute

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It is now a cliche: I was going to vote for John McCain because he was the lesser of two evils, but then he picked Sarah Palin and I was jazzed. As we know, she revved up a conservative engine …

Gay Marriage Is NOT a Change Barack Obama’s Followers Favor!

Those who lament the passage of California Proposition 8, the measure that bans gay marriage, are quick to call those who voted for the measure narrow minded bigots and right-wing religious extremists intent on denying equality and civil rights to …

Free Gas and Mortgage Payments – How to Cash in on a $600 Mil. Campaign

The fat lady has sung and the votes have been tallied. Barack Obama is the 44th president of the United States. America has married the dem’s most secular liberal and the honeymoon is now underway. Will it work?

The ‘Rigid’ Obama — Will He React to ‘Change’ Well?

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The L.A. Times’ Peter Nicholas had a rather revealing piece about Barack Obama that causes yet another concern about the candidate of “change.” Is Obama the sort of man that can, himself, actually handle change?

President Elect Obama – Middle Eastern Perceptions

I have been living and working in various parts of the Middle East since April of 2004. I am based in Kuwait, but my work takes me into Iraq, Afghanistan, Qatar and other places within the gulf region.

World Starved for CHANGE, and Obama Leads With Rahm Emanuel?

With a righteous wind at his back and not-so-righteous ACORN fraud engineers at his side, President-elect Barack Obama graciously accepted the verdict of the American people and set out to deliver on his many campaign promises.

Liberals Working to Ensure Sarah Palin Does Not Return

Some time ago I speculated in one of my columns that due to the extremely poor presidential campaign Republican McCain was waging that he was actually supporting Barack Hussein Obama. I am now convinced of it. McCain has long been …