Gay Marriage Is NOT a Change Barack Obama’s Followers Favor!

By: John Lillpop

Those who lament the passage of California Proposition 8, the measure that bans gay marriage, are quick to call those who voted for the measure narrow minded bigots and right-wing religious extremists intent on denying equality and civil rights to gays and lesbians.

However, in American society there is no demographic that has suffered greater discrimination and denial of civil rights than African- Americans.

No demographic has a better understanding of the pain and suffering that discrimination brings than African-Americans.

That being said, one would expect the “civil rights” argument advanced by proponents of gay marriage to resonate particularly well among African-American voters.

Yet, 70 percent of the African-Americans who voted on November 4 voted for Proposition 8. That same demographic also voted overwhelmingly for Barack Obama.

By the way, the majority of Latinos who voted also voted to ban on same-sex marriage.

The truth is that many African-Americans and Latinos simply do not believe that gay marriage is a civil rights issue. In fact, some blacks are hostile to the notion that the gay community has hijacked the civil rights issue.

In addition, is should be noted that Barack Obama himself has stated that he opposes gay marriage. Yes, he did indeed speak out against Proposition 8, calling it unnecessary.

Still, is Barack Obama a narrow minded bigot or a religious nut case because he opposes same-sex marriage?

Why is acceptance of gay marriage NOT a vital part of the Obama Change vision?

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