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November 10, 2008

Will Obama & Congress Bankrupt America

I can almost visualize Nancy Pelosi sitting in her office in the capital building having multiple orgasms at the prospect of an Obama presidency. Not since the Carter administration will a speaker of the house have such broad authority. Obama’s …

Poll: 89 Percent of Muslim Voters Picked Obama

Filed under: Elections & Voting - 10 Nov 2008

While President-elect Barack Obama’s defenders will swear on a stack of Korans that he is not supported by Islamic terrorists, a recent post-election survey shows Obama’s tremendous popularity among US Muslims.

Come Caucus With the “Big Tent” Party, Joe!

Filed under: Politics In General - 10 Nov 2008

With a truly righteous wind at his back, Senator Joe Lieberman (C-I) is reportedly in negotiations with Republican leaders about caucusing with the GOP.

Teamsters’ Massive Election Push for Change Helps Lead Obama to Historic Victory

Filed under: Elections & Voting - 10 Nov 2008

Previously, I wrote a column regarding MoveOn.Org’s $88 million contribution to Barack Obama’s campaign. Now it’s time to look at the contributions of a large and powerful labor organization with a history of organized crime affiliations: The Teamsters, arguably …

Why Is Acceptance of Same-Sex Marriage Not Part of Obama’s Change Vision?

Filed under: Politics In General - 10 Nov 2008

According to the Los Angeles Times, thousands of angry protesters gathered outside a Mormon Temple in Los Angeles to vent their rage over passage of Proposition 8. Surprisingly, there were no reports of similar protests at the offices of …

Democrats “Youthenize” U.S. Senate!

Filed under: Politics In General - 10 Nov 2008

In keeping with the spirit of change that has overwhelmed Washington, D.C. since Tuesday last, Democrats in the U.S. Senate have started the process of pruning out old prunes to make room for fresh blood and new ideas.

The Obama Effect!

Filed under: Foreign Countries & Policy,The Democrats - 10 Nov 2008

President-elect Obama has not even been sworn in yet, yet already his lack of experience is causing major problems for the United States. On the domestic front, the stock market continues to nose dive as investors worry about the …

A Time For Purging

On election night, just after Barack Obama was declared the President-elect, Fox News interviewed Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan, who is thought to be a rising star within the ranks of the GOP. With a facial expression which telegraphed resignation, Ryan …