Come Caucus With the “Big Tent” Party, Joe!

By: John Lillpop

With a truly righteous wind at his back, Senator Joe Lieberman (C-I) is reportedly in negotiations with Republican leaders about caucusing with the GOP.

Should that come to pass, Lieberman will have made the remarkable transition from being the vice presidential nominee of the anti-war party in 2000, to being an enlightened caucus affiliate of the only party committed to winning the war on terror.

Lieberman’s pending spiritual and intellectual rebirth comes after being quashed like an unwelcome rodent by Majority Leader Harry Reid, still fuming about Lieberman’s audacity in endorsing John McCain for president.

That, and the fact that Lieberman was exactly right about Iraq while Reid was foolishly calling the war “lost,” even as young men and women were being sent into harm’s way as part of the surge that eventually proved successful.

“How dare Lieberman think independently?” Reid must be asking himself.

“Is he unaware of the fact realize that the Democrat party is the party of ‘diversity,’ and, as such, we will not tolerate snotty Jews who threaten party unity?”

Senator Lieberman, you are on the right side of this debate.

Should you ultimately elect to caucus with the Republicans, rest assured that, in just two short years, your affiliation should make you a part of the Senate majority once again!

Welcome back to America!

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