Will Obama & Congress Bankrupt America

By: Ken Hughes

I can almost visualize Nancy Pelosi sitting in her office in the capital building having multiple orgasms at the prospect of an Obama presidency. Not since the Carter administration will a speaker of the house have such broad authority. Obama’s only been in Washington four years two of them he spent campaigning for president. It’s almost as tough Obama only ran for the senate to get a free ride to Washington. Nancy Pelosi and her Ilk are well aware the first 100 days Obama will be tied up finding all the bathrooms in the Whitehouse. For those who’ve forgotten or weren’t around then the Clintons spent their first 100 days trying to iron out all the promises they made and weren’t able to keep. I have a feeling with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schemers hands of the joy-stick that guides congress Obama is in for an awakening he couldn’t even imagine a year ago.

Obama is neither smart enough or experienced enough to have thought out all these new tax proposals he plans on congress implementing. Obama only has one talent and that’s his ability to mesmerize an audience. Everything else will be on the job training. All of his key advisors will be approved with the advice and consent of congress, [or not.] Barack Obama’s entering the Oval Office in the misguided perception, “He’s the man”. If Obama thinks for a moment he’s immune to congressional and media scrutiny he’s badly mistaken. Pelosi and Schumer will own him from day one and there are still enough Republicans in congress to keep him late at night.

An inexperienced president a Democratic majority in congress then add a weak minority political party and what we have is a recipe for financial disaster. The financial disaster will effect the small investor’s, retirement funds, home equity for those who had any equity in their homes and a few speculative investors. The smart money was strategically pulled out of the markets early in the year. The person who earns a million dollars has a greater appreciation for the dollar than the person who is hired to manage the million. Congresses claim is they will only increase taxes on the richest of the population. Congresses history on tax reform tells us they never passed a tax bill effecting the rich that doesn’t have gaps wide enough to drive an armored car through.

Two things are a fact congress has already worked out there solution to this bust in the financial bubble. Congress always has a plan and it’s doubtful Obama has a clue what congress has or is doing about it. The problem with congressional solution is Joe Six Pack and Joe the Plumber are never included on the winning end of things, they’re always the victims. Those in the middle have less representation than the fat cats and therefore are the first to be taken advantage of. Only the politicians and their chosen few the super rich are the beneficiaries of market collapses. Congress seems to be divided into two groups, those on the inside and those who will never make it to the inside. The select few wrote the rule of congress to assure their authority can’t be challenged, ergo the few rule the congressional masses.

Every challenger since Thomas Jefferson has run for the office of president promising to change Washington. Presidents can’t change Washington they don’t have the power. Only the voters have the power to change congress the real power in Washington. We should actually feel sorry for Obama, he’s entering the presidency at a time when the proposals he campaigned on are the furthermost down the list of the countries priorities. The Democratic senate failed to secure a filibuster proof majority another obstacle in the way of an Obama Kingdom. Then of course there’s the media, with George Bush gone Obama is next in line for the criticism necessary to sell the news.

The final count of the senate has yet to be decided, Minnesota is still hanging in the balance, Alaska could very well have Sarah Palin as its next senator. Joe Lieberman has already thrown his support to Republican John McCain. If the Republicans in congress finally decide to get up off the couch and do something Obama could face a very difficult next four years. If we dismiss Democrats as the born obstructionists they are and find a way to energies the Republicans Party perhaps this country can get back on the path to constitutional authority where it was intended to be.

For the past eight years Democrats have been the pit bulls of politics, perhaps it time for Republicans to take a page out of the DNC handbook. For those Black Americans to get from the back of the bus to the Whitehouse it only took 40 years. For women to be given the privilege to vote it took over 200 years. Blacks have their man in the Whitehouse let’s see if he can take the heat and do the job, let’s see if the whining ends.

Obama made it, now can he do the job he promised he could do?

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