Why Not “Bankrupt” Auto Industry, Mr. President-elect?

By: John Lillpop

Given President-elect Obama’s stated willingness to use the power of government to “bankrupt” private industry in order to achieve environmental objectives, how shall the new administration deal with the pending financial collapse of the automobile industry?

After all, liberals universally hate the automobile, especially when allowed in the hands of the unwashed masses.

Global warming and other green issues are cited as the official reasons for the left’s anti-auto obsession, but a desire to curtail mobility and freedom are probably just as important.

Liberals also hold the oil industry in bitter contempt for making the automobile and its destructive impact on the environment possible, and for earning “obscene profits” while doing so.

Thus, Detroit’s financial meltdown in the making provides President-elect Obama and environmental crazies with a perfect opportunity to “bankrupt” two major impediments to the liberal notion of Utopia.

Best of all, the new president can help to destroy the enemy–the auto and oil industries– without imposing regulatory fees or new taxes.

Simply allow the automobile industry to drown in its own greed and mismanagement by not sending another $50 billion or so to Detroit!

Of course, there is that damn three-letter word–JOBS–to contend with.

However, with a $500 billion stimulus package and the $50 billion saved by allowing the auto business to die, plenty of government jobs can be created.

Obama-nomics–just what America needs, or more precisely, just what America deserves!

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