The Enemy Within

By: Ken Hughes

We’ve found the enemy and it’s our nation’s apathy. If a person with a socialist platform had run for president after Ronald Reagan they would have been run out of the country on a rail. This country was built on the principle of earn not give, there are no provisions in the constitution authorizing congress to bail out anyone or anything for any reason except in cases of national defense even then it’s limited. The national check book belongs to the people not congress.

The founding fathers assumed only men of integrity would be elected to manage the affairs of state. They had faith in the election process that it would not be compromised by the greed and arrogance of those elected to national office. However to insure the people they would be safe from an oppressive government each of the states mirrored the federal system with three separate but equal branches of government. And as a final measure of security they added the tenth amendment to the constitution that in essence defines the limitation of the federal congress to those things specifically stated in the constitution, all other powers belong to the states and the people.

Congress no longer tries to explain why they violate the constitution, in the greater good seems to satisfy congress and the people. Not all the people but enough to keep a corrupt congress in their offices. If we only had it to do over, I’m not sure rewriting the constitution would improve anything. The constitution has served this country well for nearly 225 years. The original 7 articles have only been amended 27 times since 1789, even with those 27 amendments the constitution still fits in a small book 4 ½ inches by 6 ¾ inches by 30 pages. Those few words have guided a small nation governed by its citizens the world knew would fail to the greatest country in the world, a country people are willing to die to reach.

In a few weeks the United States will have a new administration and a new congress that intends to change what America is back to what it was before the revolution. A country where essentially there are only two classes the aristocracy and the surfs. To
maintain a balance of power Congress should function like the wings of an Eagle, one left and one right. In recent years the eagle’s right wing has moved left and the left wing has moved further left. Soon the eagle will be dangling in the air with only one wing, the left one.

We should feel sorry for elect president Obama he’s a man with sincere [however misguided] beliefs. He will be little more than a pawn in the hands of the corrupt cesspool we call Washington. First he must deal with the arrogance of congress then an entrenched bureaucracy and a judicial branch that answers to no-one. All of these people are secure in their positions. At best he’ll only be there for 8 years. Obama can’t fire them and he can’t shoot them all that’s left is to live with them the best way he can for the next 4 or 8 years.

The next 2 years and the following 2 years is a golden opportunity for the conservatives in the Republican Party to return to its principles and go after congress with a passion. There’re enough Republicans in congress to go after Pelosi and Reads personal little Thiefdom and raise havoc the same way Democrats did to Bush for 8 years. Wasting time and energy trashing Obama isn’t going to change congress where the real power’s become corrupted. The strategy of trashing Bush only worked because the national media was complicit in the campaign. That won’t be the case with Obama Obama’s become the Medias Messiah and not to be ridiculed or investigated.

>From the rhetoric of the campaign we know the economy is in as much trouble by a Democratic president and a Democratic congress not taking a hard stand and asking the public to get involved to improve the economy rather than promising to subsidize everything and everyone. The public was complicit in getting us into the current situation and they should be equally responsible for getting is out. Nancy Pelosi wanting to teach cars to eat grass rather than drink gasoline is a Pollyanna approach to the energy crises. If congress wades in and hinders business from bringing America out of this crises it will be a replay of the great depression of the 1930s. Congress can’t buy their way out of this crises it’ll take production and investment by industry nothing less.

If America is to survive as a capitalist nation the inroads socialism is making must be stopped before its to late.

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