Do We Even Have an Independent Media Anymore?

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By: Craig Chamberlain

It’s no secret that our media favors the Democratic Party and leftwing causes, well it’s no secret to anyone with an IQ above 12,who hasn’t been living on Mars for 20 years, or isn’t part of the new Obama Propaganda machine. The media insists that it is above party politics and doesn’t take sides, that it can seperate its news pages from its editorial views. Sure it can. Come on, they’ve been giving us that line for decades and sane people aren’t buying it any more now than they did say 20 years ago.

Poll after poll shows that people in the media vote overwhelmingly Democratic, over 90% in some polls. Finding a conservative at NBC is like findind a registered Republican in the history department of a major university. The MSM was so in the tank for Obama that even Saturday Night Live made fun of their slavish devotion to “the one”. Joe Bidens innumerable gaffes were passed over while Sarah Palin received a tar and feathering by the media for daring to be a Republican.

John Perazzo, on, wrote an October 31st article about media bias. Here are just some of the highlights about how far to the left the media tilts:

Between 90 and 87 percent of news media proffesionals have consistently deemed themeslves to be pro choice on the matter of abortion. More than half of the respondents said that abortion should be legal under any and all circumstances, includinf that late term procedure commonly known as Partial Birth Abortion, where the abortionist punctures a living baby’s skull and suctions out its brain before the infants head passes from the birth canal. Only 4 percent of journalists said abortion should be illegal under all circumstances.

81 percent support affirmative action.

70 percent believe that free enterprise is inherently unfair to its employees.

In 2004 beltway journalists favored John Kerry 12 to 1, while journalists elsewhere favored Kerry 3 to 1.

This is just a small sampling of the data Perazzo compiled in his article. But it illustrates how far to the left the media is, especially when compared to the American populace at large. Now, this isn’t another conservative whining about media bias and how we always have to fight with one hand tied behind our backs. When your a conservative you should know the playing field is never going to be level, and the best thing to do is to stop complaining and fight back.

Truth be told I wouldn’t mind the bias of the media if they would just have the honesty to admit them. Talk radio admits to being conservative. Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingrham and the rest never pretend to be neutral. Yet NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN all piously claim that they don’t take sides. In the early days of our country, and even today in Europe, the media doesn’t hide its partisan allegiance. In 1801 Alexander Hamilton founded the New York Post to be a Federalist newspaper.

Now why is it bad for the media to support Obama? It’s not their support, but their absolute intolerance for dissent. The liberals talk about the fairness doctrine and about using the FCC to attack radio stations that take anti Obama stances. The media likes to thinks of itself as the guardian of the republic when all they are is the loyal lapdogs of the Democratic party. With the vast majority of the media in the tank for you why have a paid press secretary? Katie Couric, Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, Andrea Mitchell, Brian Williams will all being willing to do the job for free.

We all know their narrative by now. When a Republican is in the White House the country is falling apart and we’re all doomed. For the 12 years of Reagan and George H. W. Bush the media went on the air ever night talking about the homeless, sounding as if half the population was going to be sleeping on a street corner that night. Then Bill Clinton takes the oath of office and for eight years we don’t hear a word about the homeless, just how great things were. Then George W. Bush takes the oath of office and all we hear is that the economy has tanked and it’s the great depression all over again.

When the media is uniformily working for the government and spouting their new line can they claim to be an independent voice? Will they make a peep in favor of free speech when the Democrats shut down conservative talk radio. Will they report on economic conditions when Obama’s policies make the economy worse? How independent and objective can they be when they are so starstruck that they stop being reporters and became his attack dogs, not because he paid them but because they couldn’t volunteer fast enough.

If Obama has his way it’s going to be harder and harder for conservatives to speak out against him and exercise their first amendment rights. And the MSM will be helping him all the way.

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