Governor Palin Had a Monopoly on Goofs, Right?

By: John Lillpop

While all Democrats, the mainstream media, and even a few demented Republicans were willing to throw Governor Palin overboard for thinking (allegedly) that Africa is a nation, there is another side to the story.

In fact, the governor’s faux pas pales in comparison to some of the bone headed remarks attributed to candidates Obama and Biden.

Does anyone recall the day that Obama spoke of the 57 states that make up the United States? Where were the sirens and psychiatric ambulances when that dilly hit?

And who can forget Joe Biden’s scolding of President Bush in the early days of the economic meltdown?

According to the man who will be just heart beats away from the presidency come January 20, President Roosevelt went on national television to deliver words of solace and comfort when the depression devastated the nation in 1929.

As any high school freshman knows, or should know, Franklin Roosevelt was NOT president in 1929, and television was still years away from being used to soothe the public’s angst.

Biden also warned the American people of impending doom should Barack Obama be elected, and admitted that Hillary Clinton was more qualified that his sorry self to be Obama’s running mate!

Also, note please that Governor Palin has never been accused of deliberately lying to puff up her credentials.

Which is exactly what Hillary Clinton did by claiming that she was forced to flee sniper fire when, if fact, it was a twelve year old young lady with flowers and a welcome greeting that almost did Hillary in!

All in all, Governor Palin did a remarkable job given the bias and hatred that she faced!

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