Attacking Obama Would Be Juvenile

By: Ken Hughes

For the past eight years the Liberal attacks on George Bush have been juvenile, even child like in many cases. First year school yard bullies don’t act the way Democrats did toward George Bush. There’s no reason for Republicans to repeat the despicable behavior of the Democrat toward Barack Obama. If Barack Obama is going to fail as a president let him do it under his own power. Likewise if he succeeds we Republicans shouldn’t take that away from him either. The next four years are Obama’s to make or break his presidency. He comes to the job with his followers proclaiming him the New Messiah with a capability of turning Dust into Gold those are mighty big [Sandals] to fill.

There are some who think Nancy Pelosi and her congressional cabal orchestrated the current financial set back to give Obama the advantage in the election. Her thinking was once the elections were over a Democratic majority in the presidency and congress would be the magic wand to put things back the way they where. The second school of thought is George Bush created the failure of the economy to get even with Liberals who blocked most of his programs for his entire administration. Personally I think God’s kicking America around for being a bunch of mentally lazy greedy unappreciative idiots.

Several of the proposals for bringing back the economy are being thrown around Washington and most bordering on insanity. There’s no way congress can buy America’s way back to prosperity. Congress wants to pump 700 billion dollars [plus] into saving industries and financial markets that probably shouldn’t be saved without identifying the problems that put them in jeopardy. In many Pacific Rim countries when a chief executive fails his company and puts it in jeopardy he’s prosecuted or commits suicide. This is one reason why Asian businesses seldom fail.

There’s no question any bailout legislation will be pockmarked with set asides, discretionary spending or my favorite [pork]. There will be the addition of special privileges for a select few. By the time anything reaches the president it will be a bail-in and not a bail-out bill. There’s blame under every bush for these times. It’s not the job of congress to engineer production its congresses job to make sure American production is operating on a fair playing field with imports. It’s not unusual for businesses to import tariff free goods then pay double digit corporate tax and multiple sales taxes on the sale of those imported goods. The same consideration isn’t extended to American exports. President Bush has been blamed for the trade imbalance and loss of production to foreign countries. The fact is Bush has nothing to do with it, it’s the publics demand for cheaper goods and congresses willingness to accommodate them that creates the imbalance. The arguments against foreign tra
de go back as far as the 17th century. It was foreign trade and taxation that fermented the American Revolution.

Today Nancy Pelosi announced she will call the house into session to legislate a bill that bails out the automobile industry. How will a bail out solve the auto industries problems if nothing internally changes. Top management must be replaced. Executive Bonuses paid over the past two years be returned. Union contrasts must be renegotiated to bring them in line with the manufactures of foreign cars being produced in some of the southern states. EPA standards be suspended until the auto industry works its way out of their problems. Green must be put on the back shelf until more credible science proves it viability. Without some serious conditions placed on the auto industry any bail out will be so much money shoved down a rat hole. Hundreds of small and midsized automobile companies have folded throughout the years and the Republic still stands. It is not the duty of government and the tax payers to coddle the big boys when they get in trouble. Maybe its time for new and more effic
ient group of auto manufactures to take over and do the job others have failed at.

President elect Obama may be facing some of the most crucial economic conditions any president has ever faced. The great depression of the 1930 should have taught America the government can not tax the country back into sound economic conditions, if anything excessive taxes will prolong this rescission. The blame for the current situation can be traced to every segment of our society, namely greed and a desire for self-satisfaction. America hasn’t had to dig in and sacrifice since world war two. We’ve become like Romans in the days of Nero self-indulgent without remorse.

President elect Obama has indicated his first days will be used to sweep the dirt out from under the rugs in the Oval Office. There’s an old adage worth his consideration “Hast makes waste”. Some of that dirt may have been there since Abraham Lincoln was president.

I recall the words of John Kerry regarding his vote for the Iraq war. “I voted for the war but I didn’t think Bush would actually do it”. I think if president elect Obama goes off on a tangent of change without considering the consequence a lot of voters will be repeating John Kerry’s words. Barack Obama’s first two years as president will effect the next congressional elections. Obama can change the balance of power in congress by his actions either for the good or running them out.

I think it would be wise to remember the words of Ronald Reagan. “Trust But Verify”. No one asked Joe and Jane America if they wanted radical changes, in two years we’ll know their response.

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