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November 15, 2008

War In The GOP & John McCain’s Blame Game

The top brass in the Republican Party that the public blames the most for perpetual wars, the next Great Depression, and trying to give Amnesty to millions of illegal aliens that they let into the country in the first place …

Army Captain Imprisoned for Smuggling Firearms Parts to Japan

A captain in the U.S. Army was sentenced on Monday in federal court to one year in prison and three years of supervised release on charges of conspiracy to smuggle goods from the United States, following an investigation by US …

It’s Going to be Tough for Conservatives

By Craig Chamberlain:

Conservatives keep trying to make themselves feel better by saying that this is still a center right country and that the election of Barack Obama and the Democrats controlling both houses of congress doesn’t amount to a …

Bizarro Economics Backwards is

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My mortgage lender is in deep do-do right now and so is refinancing troubled loans. I thought it a good idea to request a free reduction in my rate too; after all, my credit rating is nearly 800.

Presidential “Wish List” for White House Mutt

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When he was not begging President Bush to mail a $50 billion check to auto moguls in Detroit, or planning to burn all of President Bush’s Executive Orders on the White House lawn, President-elect Obama was in secret meetings to …

Be Careful What You Wish For …

… you just might get it. What was it David Geffen Said? Lying comes to the Clintons too easily? So, what do you say about the presidential candidate now, Mr. Geffen? Can you share with us your thoughts concerning the …

Obama’s Executive Orders Of Destruction

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Liberalism is an amazing mindset. The website “My Way” posted an AP report by Stephen Ohlemacher entitled: “Obama to use executive orders for immediate impact”

How Do You Say “Invading Criminals” In Spanish?

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Update on the kerfuffel regarding the use of the term “illegal aliens” in Arizona courtrooms. According to a spokeswoman for Arizona Chief Justice Ruth McGregor, the Justice has NOT banned use of the term “illegal alien” from court proceedings, …

Obama Ready to “Rule” and End Opposing Views

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Surprisingly, more truth-about-Obama came out on NBC’s Tom Brokaw-hosted Meet the Press, last Sunday. NBC—both news and entertainment—has admitted it and its far-Left affiliate MSNBC were and still are ‘in the bag’ for Obama. Its faux news stories were geared …

Pandemic of “Bail Out” Fever Consumes Washington D.C.

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Not content with merely wreaking further havoc on America’s fragile economy during scheduled sessions of Congress, Speaker Nancy Pelosi has decided to call for a “special session” to give away additional hundreds of billions of taxpayer money.

The Grim Significance of the 2008 Elections

Perhaps the most disheartening reaction to the November 4 election of Barack Obama has been the attempt by conservatives to laud his victory as some sort of worthy racial milestone in American history. This lame effort to find conciliatory ground …