Be Careful What You Wish For …

By: Eddie Clements

… you just might get it. What was it David Geffen Said? Lying comes to the Clintons too easily? So, what do you say about the presidential candidate now, Mr. Geffen? Can you share with us your thoughts concerning the future tax hikes and coming confiscation of wealth on inheritance?

Republicans concentrated on Hillary Clinton as nominee of the Democratic Party, virtually ignoring Senator Barack Obama. Demonstrating with a vengeance their Party is not one bit democratic, but a rigged system, they engineered the defeat of Ms. Clinton to usher in the first black candidate despite his many flaws. A pure sop to the blacks who have voted for them forever, thinking the women would get over it. The drive-by media acted as willing accomplices.

Casting aside the first woman nominee, they managed to nominate a candidate so deeply flawed he nearly lost election with the support of almost everyone in the world and $600,000,000 and counting in campaign contributions. Since breaking his promise to accept only public campaign financing, it has been nothing but continued deception ever since. Undeterred, Democrats, pseudo-Republicans such as Colin Powell, and reality-detached voters continued like lemmings over the cliff.

A successful Obama regime will result in his nomination for re-election in 2012, crowding out any competition. An unsuccessful regime will tarnish the Democratic Party name and make a Republican resurgence possible. Yeah, OK. Can the Democratic Party possibly be tarnished any worse after the first presidency to be decided by thuggery? Citizen democrats have some hope of redemption, but Democrat politicians and political professionals are beyond tarnished. With their endorsement of Obama they have entered the surreal realm of the Mafiosi, a criminal brother-hood that attends Catholic Mass and claims to believe in God.
Wait – what am I talkin’ about? What election?

2008 may have been the last one, unless someone or many-ones wises up.

We may have just witnessed how a dictatorship begins, without a shot being fired. After over two hundred years of peaceful transfer of power, ultimate power may have just passed to a snake-oil salesman aided by a self-loathing media corps that was too clever by half. American butchers, bakers, and candlestick-makers, merchants, farmers, and chiefs, have defeated:
• The British for independence
• The Confederacy’s outdated energy theory of human inputs in the Civil War;
• The Kaiser in WW I;
• The Axis in WW II;
• Communism in the Cold War.

Americans educated by a union-heavy and knowledge-deficient educational system could not defeat one clever but unprincipled opportunist. Obama bought votes by promising to give every American money, plus “change”. Senator McCain competed by asking for conviction to principle and citizen responsibility. Like in Star Wars, it was easier – more seductive – to cross over to the dark side of the Force. In one stroke, Obama destroys McCain, the “racist” American people, and capitalism – the political trifecta for the left. Set free on a technicality by a self-righteous judge, William Ayers wins.

Joe Biden’s “crisis” or emergency – whatever it’s supposed to be – is the possible key. It may provide the excuse for continued power, suspending elections. Can’t you hear it? “My fellow Americans – I was looking forward to the coming (2010, 2012) elections as much as you are. However, the current crisis requires public servants of proven ability to continue on the job of securing our liberty …” blah, blah, blah. An “Emergency Federal Office Retention Act” or some such nonsense passes through Congress and is signed immediately. Democrats want that anyway. Opposition evaporates with the rationale that “It’ll pass anyway, so I’ll stay in office and guard the store.” Yeah, right.

Federal office workers in some departmental Bureau of Internal Security peruse the internet for “seditious material” like this essay; I’m identified and get whisked away. This is after the Fairness Doctrine has made talk radio just a memory. Homes across the nation are searched for guns, which are confiscated. Mail is examined; cell phones monitored. Newspapers print the Party line only. Everyone must register their location and residence with the local police. Papers will be required for travel. Video monitors appear everywhere; 1984 is realized.

Yeah, I’m paranoid. As the great Johnny Fever said on WKRP in Cincinnati, paranoia is a good idea when someone really is out to get you. Recall Adolph Hitler was elected to the German parliament, and as leader of the majority NAZI Party was consequently asked to be Chancellor of Germany, despite President Von Hindenburg’s reluctance to do so. When The Old Gentleman died, Hitler proposed to the Reichstag a law that he be appointed President for life. Done -“just call me Fuhrer”.

What Constitution? Oh, that old thing … well, it’s a living document, just kill it.

If the Constitutional law professor Obama can interpret as “negative rights” protections to citizens from government to say the federal government is required to confiscate your property and redistribute it according to whim, he can surely get around that inconvenient election wording. Call it a “negative right” to high office. If kings ruled by divine right, surely a Messiah does.

This will be aided by a MSM that has demonstrated breathtaking juvenile delinquency. By that is meant an immature group of supposed professionals have failed in their Constitutional duty to enlighten the public. While there is no provision in the Constitution to prohibit advocacy, the MSM has pursued their selfish ends, abandoning the “public’s right to know”, a phrase often used to justify compromising national security. By conscientiously ignoring the President-Elect’s questionable credentials for the office, the media colludes with Democrats, without a formal agreement to do so, forcing a socialist agenda on the public. Fully 52% of Americans participated in the vanquishing of “the last best hope for man on earth.”

The problem, at least since the Civil Rights Act, has never been electing a black person to the presidency. The problem in the election of 2008 was the particular person that was elected.

Author’s note: In a previous article I referred to a “Harold Raines” when I meant the name “Franklin Raines” as a principle in Fannie Mae. I regret the error, and sincerely apologize.

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