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By:Christopher M. Barra

My mortgage lender is in deep do-do right now and so is refinancing troubled loans. I thought it a good idea to request a free reduction in my rate too; after all, my credit rating is nearly 800.

He said no because I paid my bills on time and was never late. Only over-extended high- risk borrowers can get this economic treat.

Well, how about a discount in principal balance like those others are getting? My houses lost value too.

He laughed. I am ineligible for either because I am a good risk and have given them no difficulty. Say what?

I tried a different strategy. I asked for some of that federal money from the bailout. I own a company too, a small one, so I don’t want much, maybe only a few million dollars. Who would miss that? They could account for it under “Miscellaneous Expenses”.

My congressman explained that the government only supports unsuccessful, failing, or completely bankrupt businesses that mismanage their enterprises into the ground and threaten the overall economy. Since I ran my small company relatively well, didn’t overreach, sacrificed and paid all my mortgages for my properties on time, every time for years, my patriotic duty is to pay more taxes so we can support those who miserably failed.


Bizarro Economics confuses me. Backwards seems it.

Must go now and punish son. I make him clean the garage with a toothbrush. He got all A’s in school. He must learn.


Christopher M. Barra
Pensacola, FL

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