It’s Going to be Tough for Conservatives

By: Guest Authors

By Craig Chamberlain:

Conservatives keep trying to make themselves feel better by saying that this is still a center right country and that the election of Barack Obama and the Democrats controlling both houses of congress doesn’t amount to a realignment. While the country might not have moved to the left the leaders this country elected are bound and determined to take it there, kicking and screaming if necessary.

On everything conservatives are concerned about Obama stands as the opponent of them. He’s the polar opposite of anything conservatives believe in and want to achieve. Take Obama’s past associations and his ambitions and it’s clear that he is not a centrist who is out to cut taxes, and fight Islamicfascists. He’s a raging leftist, and conservatives won’t have any real chance to fight him until 2010.

Consider abortion. Obama is to the abortion debate what southern fire eaters were to the debate over slavery. Obama wants no restrictions of any kind on abortion. He even famously opposed helping babies who survived abortions get medical care. Conservatives were able to enact a ban on partial birth abortion, a Democratic congress is going to make overturning this ban a top priority now that they have a Democrat coming into the White House. The culture of life that President Bush and Republicans worked so hard to promote will be undone come January 20. It’s not enough that he supports abortion in all stages of pregnancy and for any and all reasons(this puts him well outside the mainstream of Americans) it’s that he is such a radical that he will repeal the Mexico City policy, thus allowing NGO’s to give money for abortions overseas, and repeal the Hyde amendment which forbids using medicaid to pay for abortions. Pro lifers are going to be forced to pay for abortions through their tax money. Abortions had been going down, now with the encouragement of an incoming Obama government those numbers will surge again.

Taxes are going to go up, not down. Despite Obama’s claim that 95% of Americans will be getting a tax cut the vast majority will, in fact, see their taxes go up. The GOP hasn’t been true to its small government philosphies over the last eight years, but they have fought hard to keep taxes low. Conservatives believe that it’s your money, you earned it and you should be able to keep it. Obama is going to spread the wealth around.

On energy, while conservatives have been fighting for domestic drilling and energy independence, and even managed to let the ban on offshore drilling lapse, Obama and the incoming thugocracy will do whatever they can to hurt domestic energy. They brag about how they will bankrupt the coal industry, putting over 100,000 Americans out of work if they are actuall able to succeed. So much for being the party of the working man. Speaker Pelosi will also push for a permanent ban on offshore drilling. This will make America dependent on middle east oil forever. And in truth how are coservatives going to stop them?

On the war on terror Obama is talking about an immediate withdrawl from Iraq. Despite the success of the surge Iraq is still fragile and could fall to the jihadists without an American presence. Congressman Frank is talking about cutting the military budget by 25%, this would leave America vulnerable to terrorist attacks and would show to the world that we are not really serious about combatting terrorism. If you want to defeat the United States all you have to do is make sure there is a Democrat in the White House.

The conservative agenda of less government, lower taxes, pro life, strong defense, economic develpoment, and energy independence. And the Republican party will not be able to stop him. The Democrats will do everything in their power to make sure they have 60 votes in the senate. Votes for Al Franken are magically appearing before the recount has even begun, the Alaska race is still undecided, and the Democrats are going to flood Georgia with money and lawyers to make sure they win the December runoff.

This doesn’t even cover most of what Obama is going to do now that the conservatives have no real hope of opposing him. Free speech under the fairness doctrine, gun rights, and federalism will all be assaulted by the incoming Obama government. Even if America is still a center right country it’s going to be governed from the far left. Conservatives better get used to it, because until 2010(and most likely it will be later than that) there really isn’t anything we can do about it.

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