Billy and The Stolen Bicycle Lesson

By: Guest Authors

By: Christopher M. Barra, M. S.

Billy: “But Mommy, Tommy has another bike, I don’t have any. He won’t even miss it. He left it in the rain. I need it.”

Mom: “I don’t care how many bicycles Tommy has, where he left it, or how much you think you need it! Give it back RIGHT NOW!”

Billy: “OK Mom. I’m Sorry.”

Three days later the bike is back.

Mom: “BILLY!!! – I told you to take that bike back to Tommy!”

Billy: “I did.”

Mom: “You know that taking things that don’t belong to you is stealing and is wrong.”

Billy: “I know Mom, but I didn’t steal it.”

Mom: “Oh, I suppose Tommy just gave you his new bike because he likes you?”

Billy: “No. Sammy gave it to me.”

Mom: “Isn’t Sammy that big boy in your class that was left back twice? Is he the one who steals lunches and money at school and sells the snacks?”

Billy: “Sometimes he gives them away, to his friends. He steals them, but he gives a lot away too. I am glad I am his friend.”

Mom: “How did Sam get the bike?”

Billy: “I don’t know, I guess he just took it. He said he knew I wanted the bike and he would get it for me because he is my friend.”

Mom: “Your friend? That hoodlum that the kids call “Uncle” because he makes the littler boys say “Uncle” when he robs them? Uncle Sammy?”

Billy: “He isn’t that bad Mom. He doesn’t usually really hardly ever hurt anyone, unless they don’t want to pay.”

Mom: “Give that bike back to Tommy, right now!”

Billy: “No! Its mine.”

Mom: “Billy, right is right and wrong is wrong? No matter how much more Tommy may have than you do, stealing is wrong. You were taught better than that. Sammy taking it for you is just as bad as if you had stolen it yourself. Take it back.”

Billy: “O. K. Mom. I’m sorry.”

Mom: “We’ll talk more about this later but right now the sitter’s coming over because I have that ‘Free Health Care for all’ group meeting tonight.”

Billy: “What’s that?”

Mom: “It is a group dedicated to free Universal Health Care.”

Billy: “For who?”

Mom: “For all of us, everyone. Free doctors, nurses, prescriptions, operations, everything.”

Billy: “Cool, but how can it be free? Don’t doctors get paid a lot?”

Mom: “Well, taxes pay for it. Some rich people’s taxes may have to go up.”

Billy: “Will we pay more taxes Mom?”

Mom: “No, we’re not rich. We don’t make enough money to pay taxes.”

Billy: “So they won’t take any money from us? They just give us free health care?”

Mom: “It isn’t just for us, Billy, it is for everyone’s good. We all need it and many don’t have enough money to buy it, so the government pays. Do you understand?”

Billy: “So rich people like Tommy’s mommy and daddy will have to pay more because they have more money, and that is OK because it is for everyone? Like sharing? Sharing is good.”

Mom: “That’s right. It is all about sharing. Do you understand?”

Billy: “I think so. … Mom?”

Mom: “Yes Billy, what is it?”

Billy: “Why don’t we just ask them for the money?”

Mom: “Because rich people are selfish and won’t just give their money away. We have to have a vote to change the law to make them share like they should.”

Billy: “What if they still won’t share? ”

Mom: “They have no choice. The government will force them to pay their fair share if we can make it the law. That is what this meeting is about, changing the law.”

Billy: “I bet some people won’t like that kind of change. The people who have to pay more.”

Mom: “You’re right, they won’t – but that’s Democracy. We will all have a chance to vote for it, so it is fair.”

Billy: “Mom?… I was just thinking. Can we have a meeting and vote to take Tommy’s bike? No one likes Tommy anyway. I will share it with other kids… Wait… we could vote to take other rich kids’ bikes too; then I wouldn’t have to share mine so much. It would be fair to them if we vote. Isn’t that what you said? Democracy? It isn’t wrong if we vote for it? Sammy could get them all for us if they wouldn’t just hand them over because he is my friend. Can we meet and vote Mom?

… And Mom? Could we vote to take their I-Pods too? Some kids have I-Pods and they don’t share them. I think I will like Democracy.”

Mom: “Don’t be ridiculous. Go to your room. I’m late for the meeting.”

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