Hearts and Minds the Art of Liberal Class Warfare

By: Guest Authors

By: E. Anthony Santos

A failing economy, on the oppositions watch, is fertile ground to launch a “Class Warfare” campaign to win the hearts and minds of millions of registered and unregistered voters. Demonize wealth and achievement, exacerbate the desperate state of the world, and assume the role of Benevolent Protector of your conscripts, exacting control, justice, and retribution thru taxation and consumption of wealth. Loyalty will be yours, least till they become cold and hungry.

At the risk of crediting Liberals with a superior understanding and compassion of those in suffering, we should note it was their efforts that engineered the 2008 Global Crash of the market, the loss of trillions of dollars, record business failures, 6 ½% unemployment, and energy costs that have helped fill the war chests of our enemies.

A Democratic White House, Congressional, and Judicial control, is just the starting lineup for the long term control they expect to wield. Millions of “Class Warfare” conscripts, convinced trickle down wealth, a home, healthcare, and cable TV are Constitutional birthrights, chose to become “Wards of the State”. The Democratic party is the new party of deliverance. Soon, all will be made right, all will be forgiven, and the planets will once again be in alignment.

Many will recognize the following Liberal favorite:

“The new socialist revolution is really just capitalism for dummies: they don’t have to know how to make business work, they just have to usurp power over it and then blame it on the executives when the business inevitably fails; they take other peoples’ money and become worshiped for spending it; they raise taxes on the wealthy by calling them names and never thank them for their already great contributions, and they won’t cut a tax in fear of never getting it back, considering it money lost.”
Saul Alinsky “Capitalism for Dummies”

It would warm the heart of Ol’ Saul (post mortem), also a community organizer from Chicago, the Alinsky Alumni, are actively exercising his prescription for government mal-practice. With the impending bailout of US Automakers , Congressional Bank and Anti-Trust will soon become a full service nationalized institution. Guaranteed financing, mandatory GRA accounts, carbon debit cards, foreclosure insurance and, the latest in “Gerbil Powered” transportation from Detroit. No credit, no job, no problem exciting Government servitude opportunities in Civilian Security Forces, or Community organization awaits all that qualify.

With the exception of war there is no greater influence affecting the economy and the global markets than political leadership and agenda. Election Day , posted the largest election day rally, + 305 points. In response to democratic victories in the houses of Obama, Pelosi, and Reid, the market posted a 2 day loss of -929 points, predictable sell-offs, but the value of the market is secondary to Democratic control. In mere weeks key elements of the economy have been nationalized, and omnipotence has been granted to the Treasury Secretary. Soon the democratic left, will be advancing Ol’ Saul’s vision with little in the way of obstacles. Control of capitalism and the markets as we know it is an illusion. Capitalism as we know it is not in the vision of the democratic extreme makeover of America. The newly drafted democratic rank and file will soon understand the meaning of democratic investment, sacrifice, and service. Barack Obama may want to break the gas and mortgage payment news to Peggy Joseph personally.

Republicans should not have any illusions about a 2010 return to Constitutional balance having reached across the aisle while abandoning conservative principles.

Notwithstanding the advent of a second Depression or War, republicans who have chosen expedience over conservative principal, will defect or be shown the door.

58 million Americans have chosen to not compromise their freedoms. Among them a generation of young conservatives, many of them “Rush Babies” with a commitment to the Founders vision of freedom, limited government, and the Constitution. These young conservatives and the Rising stars of the GOP with their own brand of leadership will restore the Founder’s vision, and a return of the Republic. A Republic, if you can keep it. (Benjamin Franklin 1706-1790)

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