We Won the Lottery!

By: Patti Bankson

She ran into the house slamming the door behind her. “Look!” she cried excitedly…. “We won the lottery!” Everyone jumped out of their seats, shouting, and hugging each other as they surrounded the woman, waving a piece of paper above her head. “How much did we win?” somebody asked. With bated breath they waited.

She said, “This is a new deal… no limit in this game! Whatever we can spend, we’ll get!” They stood there in silence until one asked, “You mean anything we want?” Smiling, she nodded. Another asked, “Every ‘No’ is now ‘Yes’?”

“Uh-huh”, she answered with a bigger smile. “Let me tell you, this is the big one… the mother of all lotteries. Now… we… are… truly… RICH!” Laughing and shouting, they started dancing throughout the house, until someone yelled, “Wait!” The dancing stopped and they gathered ‘round. “When did we start buying lottery tickets? I thought we believed in the opportunities our country offers? I thought we believed in taking advantage of those opportunities, like schooling, then combining that schooling with hard work and we’d be ok… that we’d have everything we need?”

“Yeah,” they all said, “what about that?”

Looking thoughtful, the woman said, “Well, we didn’t actually buy a ticket… we just got lucky; someone gave us one.”

“You’re kidding!” one said. Looking down, she quietly said, “Yes. I’m kidding.” The silence grew thick around her ‘til she looked up, and started laughing so hard that tears were streaming down her cheeks and she couldn’t breathe. The rest stood looking on in disbelief, wondering what the joke was. Was it about believing and using their opportunities… or was it that they’d been given a ticket? Or, please say it ain’t so.. they hadn’t won anything? “So”, what’s the joke?”, they demanded.

She struggled to gain her composure. Finally, wiping away her tears she said, “I’m sorry. I kinda’ lied to you… there is no ticket and no lottery.“ Their faces dropped. But before anyone could voice their disappointment or anger, she put up her hands and said, “The truth is, our candidate just won the election and our party has won the majority in both this House and the Senate. That’s way better than winning the lottery, baby!”

The group burst into hearty laughter, one saying, “Oh, Nancy… you’re such a kidder! But, please, don’t ever do that again… you nearly gave me a heart attack!”

“Sorry, Harry”, Nancy replied. “But keep your finger on that 911 button, because there will be a bunch of Republicans needing EMTs when they get the news, not to mention those regular folks out there when they wake up to find they no longer live in the U.S.A., but the U.S.S.D.R.W., the United Socialist Society of Democrats Redistributing Wealth..

Author’s note: It goes without saying that part of this is fiction, and part of it is supposition. But should the supposition become fact and the fiction become reality, you can count on the U.S.A. becoming the U.S.S.D.R..W. Don’t need to make up that part of it… it’s one of Barak Obama’s campaign promises, and it will be one of those rare campaign promises that a candidate actually follows through on. If you’re not concerned about this, I’m guessing it’s because you don’t get it, or you figure you’ll be on the receiving end of the distribution.

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