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November 18, 2008

Hang Tough, W.!

President Bush is coming under considerable pressure from his successor and the Democrat leadership in the U.S. Congress to pass out duplicate keys to the U.S. Treasury for use by a variety of special interest groups to whom the Democrat …

Confused Priorities in Mexico

Mexico is a third-world nation that is unable to feed, house, and provide medical care for all of its citizens. Which is why America has been inundated with anywhere from 12-38 million illegal aliens from south of our border, most …

Americas Unnecessary Energy Crisis

Filed under: Politics In General - 18 Nov 2008

It’s my belief that if it was not for mistaken left wing politics the US could be a comparative utopia compared to what it has become. In this article I would like to restrict myself to the energy aspects …

Governor Palin: One Classy Lady and Great American!

Filed under: Elections & Voting - 18 Nov 2008

Who could blame Governor Sarah Palin if she were an angry white female after the abuse heaped upon her during the 2008 election?

Homeland Security and Justice Departments Providing More Info to Local Officers

Filed under: American National Security - 18 Nov 2008

Wake County Sheriff’s Office on Wednesday became the first of four law enforcement agencies in North Carolina to receive new database link that will automatically check the criminal and immigration history of all individuals booked into the jail, according to …

Words, Just Words?

He mocked words as being far from unimportant during his campaign. I agree. Words are not just words, they are selected for particular meanings – even if you blatantly steal them from someone else. In a world where everything around …

Obama’s American Dream

Filed under: Liberalism, Marxism & Communism - 18 Nov 2008

A politician caught off guard and speechless? Thanks to Barbara West, WFTV-Channel 9 anchor, that was Senator Joe Biden (D-DE), rendered incapable of doing what he does best…bloviating.

The New Civil War

It is hard not to envy people like entrepreneurs or those of faith who are eternally optimistic, who always find the bright side, for whom the glass is more than just half full even in darkest times but filled to …