The New Civil War

By: Eddie Clements

It is hard not to envy people like entrepreneurs or those of faith who are eternally optimistic, who always find the bright side, for whom the glass is more than just half full even in darkest times but filled to overflowing during the best of them. Those people make things work in spite of obstacles, which they see as opportunities. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

For me, this feeling of dread won’t go away, as if told we had two to four years before an asteroid obliterates all life on Earth. While no official bureaucracy will confirm or deny the world is ending, the world we know is on its way out, barring a miracle. Indeed, we have been told by the President–Elect that change is coming. He said we can believe in it, which his supporters interpret to mean it will be a good thing. Familiarity with the concepts of good and evil suggest otherwise.

How to recover our optimism? Just go along to get along? Sacrifice liberty in the name of unity? That is what’s in store, and the common word for it is socialism. Words from the immortal (for now) Gettysburg Address come to mind:

“Four score and seven years ago, our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation: conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.

Now we are engaged in a great civil war. . .testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated. . . can long endure.”

Shooting in the Civil War ended about 1865 or so, but the struggle continued. Democrats in the South were determined to see to it that though created equal, blacks would not live as equals. The system of American apartheid continued under the name segregation until about 1964, and some might say even longer. Democrats presided over this horror until forced by law to give it up. When they did, they managed to escape responsibility for it and stuck Republicans with the blame for all the racist ills the country has ever known, exactly like Democrats blamed Republicans for the recent financial crisis, which Democrats in Congress and Bill Clinton created. This despite the facts that Abraham Lincoln was a Republican, that Republicans in non-slave states led the movement toward freedom for blacks, and that Republicans dragged Congressional Democrats kicking and screaming into the modern world by insisting on passage of the Voting Rights Act and other legislation ending centuries of ignominy.

Now we have elected a black president, and he is a Democrat, heir to the worst that America had to offer politically. He continues the march toward rewriting history, blaming the very people who made his ascension possible for our nation’s lack of “perfection.” He is backed by a vile cadre of career power-mongers and simple-minded media who have abandoned all claims to decency and civic responsibility. Taking a page from Joseph Goebbels, Democrats keep repeating the lies until they become default truth. Can liberty, or even America, endure?

The problem presented by Congressional Democrats contains its own paradox: the Party of “inclusion”, all those coalitions that insist that equal fealty be given to other lifestyles, other races, other genders, “other” everything, cannot under any circumstances countenance legitimacy toward any opposing political viewpoint. Conservatives need not apply. The only Republicans to be tolerated are those that toe the Democrat line. Lawmakers (read: Democrats) will alter the face of the United States irretrievably unless stopped. The proper name should be the Demagogic Party, not Democratic, for it is deceptive and despotic rather than anything resembling democratic. I hope all those GOP governors meeting and conservatives confabbing and Republicans caucusing understand the seriousness of the situation. They also had better learn to fight back.

The new paradigm is not simply programmatic income redistribution, but includes coercion and loss of rights, a United States do-over, the government mulligan. The first priority is to co-opt our freedoms under the First Amendment; the second to remove guns from the hands of individuals under the Second. The Second is easy; repeal that Amendment due to some “emergency”, set up by Joe Biden’s inadvertent admission. Without weapons, we are powerless against the coming police state.

Recall McCain-Feingold was expected to be held unconstitutional, but was upheld, diminishing the meaning of the First Amendment. This provides a model for curtailing the First Amendment rights. Begging the question: shouldn’t lawmakers have thought it through enough to realize this horrible campaign finance law should not have been passed in the first place? There should have been nothing to challenge; even McCain got caught in his own web. Leaving a gaping hole to drive further speech restrictions through was predated by restrictions on religious expression, such as Christmas displays. Those judges should have been recalled by public petition; now it is too late.

The push toward return of the Fairness Doctrine provides another example. That misnamed directive is certainly neither fair nor even constitutional, since it abridges free speech. It isn’t even law, it’s regulation. Courts packed with liberal sympathizers will convolute logic to disagree with challenges to the doctrine and uphold it, sure as kids will track mud on a clean rug.

But isn’t amending the Constitution difficult? That was indeed part of the genius of the Founding Fathers. This “crisis” that Joe Biden warned of…the feeling can’t be shaken that this will be an excuse to declare martial law, and/or suspend habeas corpus, or some such. Biden suggested the “crisis” will come from outside influence. It is as likely to be contrived. New ways to bend or amend the rules will be found as needed, especially with a compliant Congress and media on board who will themselves gain from the “change we can believe in”. Dissenters will be marginalized by character assassination, a la’ Governor Sarah Palin.

So this is the new civil war. It is neither civil nor a shooting war, but it is a struggle for our very existence. Past strategies like The Great Society and The New Deal have tried to spread the wealth with a loose array of job and entitlement programs. Now, the ancient simple dichotomy of haves against have-nots becomes a more complex, institutionalized struggle between producers of wealth and those who have “unfairly” been excluded from attaining it. Once codified into law, it will take extraordinary effort to rescind.

The economic goal has been stated. Now we are not individuals, we are producing units, “one nation” (note that Obama intentionally and politically-correctly omitted “under God”). Spiritual messiahs have been replaced with the political one. Our purpose is to worship the state, tithing to it the fruits of production so power wielders can direct funds to whatever cause supports their continuation in power. These would be unions, proposed national police, political friends in favor, educators, media in favor, environmentalists, and more; the new Pharisees. Obama promised jobs will be created, and will be – in government, already the fastest-growing sector of job creation.

The real sorrow and the pity is that thinking, mature adults, the fastest shrinking sector of the public, should know better than to fall for this demagoguery. Further corruption of our failing educational system will enhance susceptibility to propaganda. The public acts as willing accomplices, voting for corrupt officials who will pass laws to take from earners things they themselves cannot earn fairly but deem it a right to benefit from. Stealing at gunpoint is a crime, stealing at law point is “fairness.”

Throughout history, we advanced through evolving systems. There used to be roving bands of thugs like the ones headed by Genghis Khan. Nomadic tribal chieftains were replaced by settled kings over geographic areas. Kings, who ruled by fiat and were supported by nobles, were replaced by nation-states which elected bodies, like parliaments, which made laws. Parliaments were supplemented with judicial systems, which allowed petition. Now, kings are pretty much ceremonial only, despite some remaining petty dictators.

Today we have advanced to “government of the people. . .by the people. . .for the people”. But we are dangerously close to going backward, having a snake-oil-selling lawyer convince willing Congressional accomplices that governments “must provide” certain services to people, not even necessarily citizens. It is worse than a bad idea, it is demonic. Economic serfdom is scheduled to replace rugged individualism, creating a permanent underclass of dependents, and corresponding permanent overclass of rulers. The idea of keeping what you earn through your talent and enterprise has devolved into a perversity. Begging for government alms, once considered embarrassing, a sign one could not provide for one’s self or family, becomes status quo. And why not, when the idea of what constitutes “family” has become amorphous?

Remember that FOB (Friend of Barack’s) William Ayers hopes to see capitalism perish from the earth. It’s getting closer. The struggle to prevent people like Ayers from prevailing will be long and hard. The only hope is resistance by conscientious and clever patriots, with God’s help. We can’t do it ourselves without divine assistance, because the dark side is too seductive and has got hold of too many now in power and in the “watchdog” media. Else The Great Experiment closes, and the spread of Christianity along with it. Sound like superstition rather than rationality? We shall see, very soon.

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