Words, Just Words?

By: Guest Authors

By Christopher M. Barra, M. S.

He mocked words as being far from unimportant during his campaign. I agree. Words are not just words, they are selected for particular meanings – even if you blatantly steal them from someone else. In a world where everything around us seems to be crashing down, conservatives are justifiably frightened about the recent election of a Marxist, and already Barrack Obama and his minions are using particularly dangerous words to further alarm us.

Recently the President-elect has been considering a new position in the administration, a “Climate Czar”. Reports have him considering Al Gore, who makes a fortune from exploiting the fear of still yet-to-be-proven man-made global warming. Arnold Schwartzenneger, who though he claims to be a “conservative”, doesn’t seem to know what that particular word means, is also on the short list for Climate Czar.

According to Webster’s Dictionary, “Czar “ is defined as “an Emperor or King”; “Absolute ruler or monarch who rules with unlimited authority”; “An Autocrat ruler or leader”.

One of Obama’s awe-stricken worshippers recently described the President-elect as one who will be a fine “Ruler”. I guess he has shed the tag “public servant” title to which our former Presidents have tried to adhere. Of course we never really bought into the public servant line for a United States President, but it was nice to notice that at least they realized that in the end, they worked for us. Now we openly use words like “Czar” and “Ruler” to describe our President and department heads. Are they just words?

This isn’t the first time the word “Czar” has been used to describe a high level government official, but the trend to that description, when so many other titles are available, makes me believe that it is no mistake of nuance. Words are not just words; they convey principals and ideas.

It is up to us to inform Mr. Barrack H. Obama that this is America. We have no absolute rulers here – or at least we never did before. We don’t want them now. The term “Ruler” and “Czar” are reserved for third world and communist countries, not the United States of America.

A more suitable title for the future climate king is “Chief”, or “Secretary”, or possibly the term which many conservatives seem to prefer when describing Al Gore: “Idiot”.

Choosing words like “Czar” and “Ruler” to describe the person in charge of any governmental department might give the proletariat … err… citizens the wrong impression …

… then again, maybe it will give us exactly the impression we are intended to receive.

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