How They Are Going to Hijack Our Nation

By: Lance Winslow

We live in the greatest nation in the world, and really there is no one that can give a legitimate argument about that. Thus, it makes sense to protect our Republic and consider possible scenarios of those who wish to steal it from us or attack it.

Okay, so, let me run by you a plan one could use to take this 17 trillion dollar GDP from us and make it their own and do it on the cheap. In fact, as I will show, it can be done for less than 3 billion dollars and be accomplished in a six year period.

The United States of America is a nation that is for the people and by the people, this means that the voters have a stake in what happens. Unfortunately, US citizens have given their minds to the TV set and the mass media, which controls their emotions, their thoughts, their dreams, and goals.

It tells them what to buy, how to act, what to say, and how to think. Our educational system also teaches people political correctness, how to reason and how to judge their observations. Therefore if you wish to hijack America all you have to do is control the media and work on controlling academia.

From there you can easily control the politics and the leadership to serve your will. The easiest way to control politicians is to fund their campaigns, which is something that corporate lobbyists have been doing for years.

Then, all you need to do is get the ear of the politicians that are closest to what you’d like to have done and help fund their campaigns, while using the media to control the minds of the people to get them to act. For about $3 billion you can buy the United States of America and the elections that you need to complete your takeover.

For about $1 billion you can put your choice for president in the White House. And for 10 million dollars each you can buy Senate seats and Congressional seats through public relations and advertising in the media. Well, that’s how someone could take over our nation and what a great investment it would be too. Think on this, scary isn’t it?

Lance Winslow
a Retired Franchisor
Consultant Brain-4-Hire
Internet Writer and Author
Online Think Tank Coordinator
Former Track and Field Athlete “Miler”

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