The Left Doesn’t Like Democracy

By: Guest Authors

By: Craig Chamberlain

The Left, in trying to force its radical agenda on the people of America, will use any tactic that they think will work. But when the people vote to reject the radical agenda… watch out. Right now the left is euphoric over the election of Barack Obama. They believe this is a validation of their philosophies and they have a right, no, a mandate, to socialize the country. However, the election of Obama and congressional Democrats was not an embrace of the radical left but simply a disgust with the GOP. They didn’t elect the Obama of Acorn, and Rev. Wright, and his buddy Bill Ayers. They elected Obama the centrist who promised bipartisanship, tax cuts and change in Washington.

Remember that during the race many on the left threatened violence if John McCain would have won. Fortunately, that did not happen. Yet, I don’t remember anyone on the right threatening to revolt when Obama won the election. The people spoke, we lost. Now, we just wait for another shot at the vote.

To look at the left’s reaction when the vote doesn’t go their way you don’t need to look any further than California. There the voters approved a constitutional amendment to define marriage as being between one man and one woman. The vote was close, and the left does not like the result, not one bit. They have sued to the California Supreme court to overturn the vote. Basically they want the court to declare part of the state constitution unconstitutional. (the sad thing is the court will probably agree with them) Boy, does that show a respect for democracy.

So how did the left react? Did they say calmly “Well, we’re disappointed but the people have spoken.”? No, they went on the warpath. In their reaction they only really showed their own bigotry and their own cowardice. They deny the humanity of anyone who disagrees with them and stands up for thousands of years of history and tradition. They attack old women carrying crosses in support of traditional marriage(that takes a lot of courage).

But the main target of their infantile rage is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Better known as Mormons. They did nothing more than exercise their constitutional rights of freedom of speech and the right to vote, and by the way the left reacted you would have thought they had launched a terrorist campaign against homosexuals.

Supporters of gay marriage have protested outside LDS chapels, called for a boycott of Utah(although I doubt Utah has ever been high on their list of vacation destinations)sent white powder to LDS temples, and ran an ad against the LDS church that is so bigoted that if they had run it against Jews, Muslims or a Black church they wouldn’t be able to show their faces again in public.

Why target Mormons? Because it’s safe. Mormons aren’t very popular anywhere, and no one is going to complain too much if a bunch of angry leftists go after them. It also shows what cowards they are. Why don’t they go after the African American community? Or after the Hispanics? After all, they voted overwhelmingly in favor of traditional marriage. Why aren’t there any protesters outside of black churches? They’d be branded as racists and they wouldn’t be able to cast themselves as the victims. It’s much easier to beat up on someone who really can’t fight back.

If the left really cared about Democracy and civil rights they would respect the outcome of the vote, and not target the people who voted against them. But then again they are behaving exactly like they always do. For the left democracy is a means to an end. Who cares about the voice of the people? Especially when it goes against what they want. They’ll either intimidate everyone into submission, or they’ll get unelected courts to give them what they want.

The left doesn’t care about Democracy, which is why they can’t be trusted to be in charge of it.

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