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November 20, 2008

The New President of A.S.S.

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Well, November 4 has come and gone and the American people have a new President-elect. The hard campaign months are over, and now we can look for some BIG changes, as promised by the winning black socialist headed for the …


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We want free health care, food jobs and much more.
Bestow this to all of our poor and near poor
The compassionate know it’s for all of our good.
They’d feel this way too if They understood.

The Audacity of Impertinent Questions!

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Despite indications that the main stream media are committed to granting President-elect Obama a four year moratorium on tough questions, with a four year option to renew, there are some with sufficient audacity to ask impertinent questions right from the …

Don’t Go Third Party

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Newsmax reports that Bob Barr is pleased with the Libertarian Party’s showing in the presidential race. He received just over 490,000 votes and remarked, “This is just the beginning of a new Libertarian Party. In the next four …

Government Solution to High Mortgage Payments

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You say your mortgage payments have risen to the point where you and your family have been forced to cut back on “necessities” like dining in upscale restaurants seven nights a week, motoring about in luxury SUVs, and vacations in …

America’s future depends on a holy people

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I believe that America will not survive the political and social trials that are to come if we are not engaged in the fight to protect our Christian beliefs. The Ten Commandments, written by the hand of God, are our …

An American Dream Realized

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Congratulations, President-elect Barack Obama. How exciting! To become President of the world’s greatest country, and to make history by becoming the first black (or bi-racial) President, as well.

The Big Lie About Immigration Enforcement

How many times have we heard mayors and governors, when faced with complaints regarding illegal aliens, claim that their police officers aren’t authorized or trained to enforce immigration laws? Too many times, if you ask me. Well, either these government …