An American Dream Realized

By: Patti Bankson

Congratulations, President-elect Barack Obama.

How exciting! To become President of the world’s greatest country, and to make history by becoming the first black (or bi-racial) President, as well.

Congratulations to all of us… not just those who voted for Barack Obama, but to those who voted for John McCain also, because you and I cared enough to endure many months of campaign rhetoric… cared enough to go beyond the words, studied the candidates and the issues, then made a thoughtful decision based on what we believe is best for America. And, finally, cared enough to stand in line for hours to actually cast our vote.

Did some people not do any of those things? Sure. Will some who didn’t vote be complaining about what our government does or doesn’t do for them? Sure. But, this is America… they can vote, or not, they can complain or not. In my mind, the ballot they didn’t bother to fill out didn’t count, and their complaints don’t count, either.

Are there people who did vote who aren’t happy to have a President Obama? Of course. Just as some voters are unhappy not to have a President McCain. If your candidate didn’t win, and you’re not disappointed at least a little bit, then you probably weren’t all that committed anyway. But, unlike what our government schools would like our children to believe, if it’s a contest … for a field goal, home run, or the White House, there’s always a winner and there’s always a loser. Either one can build character… a loss, perhaps, more than a win. Whichever side you find yourself on today, “it” isn’t over…. it’s just started.

I wasn’t an Obama supporter, but I don’t wish him ill. My lack of support has nothing to do with his race or gender, but it has everything to do with his very liberal, Socialist/Marxist “leanings”. Coupled with a Nancy Pelosi House of Representatives and a Harry Reid Senate… well, if you think we have problems now, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

This campaign has been all about carrots and sticks.. Carrots (promises) to lure you into voting a certain way, and sticks (paying for the promises) to knock you upside the head, out of the fairytale you let yourself believe will exist with a new president. Honestly, no matter which candidate had won Tuesday night neither would be able to keep his promises.

Obama can talk about “spreading the wealth around”, and we can all agree that CEOs of some companies have been greedy. But, the truth is that governments and unions don’t create the jobs that create wealth… people who own and run businesses do. And those businesses… big or small… will do what they do… run their businesses… better than governments. They’ll make things, perform services, try to survive… whether that means letting employees go, or moving to Bangladesh.

Obama has it right and he has it wrong… wealth can be built from the bottom up, but not through thievery. Robin Hood was “successful” at spreading the wealth that way, but he’s a fictional character living in a fictional Sherwood Forest. If America is going to get past our current problems and go on to even better times, we’ll need real character living in the White House. Hopefully, that’s Barack Obama.

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