By: Guest Authors

By: Christopher M. Barra, M. S.

We want free health care, food jobs and much more.
Bestow this to all of our poor and near poor
The compassionate know it’s for all of our good.
They’d feel this way too if They understood.

They argue of waste with irrelevant facts,
And never agree to increase Their tax.
It’s not about me and all of my friends,
Their means should be used to accomplish our ends.

All They want is an impervious militia.
But what would happen to my sister, Patricia?
And cousins, Phil, Tom and Sam and Aunt Millie
Who all work for Congressman Uncle Billy.

They’re sadly lacking in social thinking.
They say it’s our fault our country is sinking,
Cause’ there’s too much waste in spending these days.
They don’t realize how well our government pays.

We must decide to whom to distribute
The money from Them who only contribute.
It should be sent to where there is need
From They who are filled with scandalous greed.

More for our schools, our kids will be smarter.
They’ll just have to work a little harder.
More for Senators, their friends and their staffs,
And to study the thought process of Congan giraffes.

They don’t seem to know that if They don’t provide
Our needy may not amply flourish and thrive.
Or worse, we’d be forced to work for low pay,
And earn far less than we’re getting today.

From each with ability to those in some need
Is not a destructive, sacrilegious creed,
But a sound system based on truth and reason,
And if They won’t fund it, jail Them for treason!

They say They just want to be left alone,
So now and then we should throw them a bone.
So wink, then nod and smile when you see Them,
But don’t let Them ever know that we need Them.

There’s more of us, so to stay elected
Ensure that we are the one’s protected.
If you want to maintain our vote and our trust
Keep taking from Them and giving to us!

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