Get Ready To Be In The U.S.S.A (United Socialist States of America)

By: Guest Authors

(Installment #1 of a possible series)

By: Mike Sheahen

Especially since 1932, the Left has been “boiling us like a frog, 1-degree-at-a-time” toward a Marxist/Communist/Socialist-totalitarian end, now resulting in Barack Hussein Obama, farther Left than self-proclaimed Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders (“Democrat”, Vermont), getting the Presidency.

Add now practically unopposed Socialist/Leftist government elitists in Congress, such as (Rep.) Nancy Pelosi, (Sen.) Harry Reid, and others; plus Obama’s Socialist plans, including to “remedy” the Constitution (according to him, a document of [quote] “negative rights, limiting government”, “written by ‘The Framers’ with ‘blind spots’”, “all of which must be remedied”), including “through the courts”, and, well, get ready to be in the U.S.S.A (United Socialist States of America)!

How is Obama such a Socialist government elitist?

For now, suffice it to say that some revealing things are, but not limited to, things Obama has written and said, in things he says, in his “voting behavior” in the Illinois State Senate and the U.S. Senate, and in his plans; plus the timeless principle, (which the Left is so opposed to applying to him), that (quote) “You are who you associate with”, such as, but not limited to Obama’s (quoting him) “Mentor and advisor” Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who spews black racist Socialism, unrepentant Terrorist bomber and (to this day) self-described “Marxist” Bill Ayers; plus the fact that Obama has been endorsed by the DSA (Democratic Socialists of America), and endorsed for President by the CPUSA (Communist Party of the United States of America), and of course they will endorse a Communist/Socialist government elitist like themselves, or the closest thing to one.

So now we certainly are in for Socialist-totalitarian (quote) “Change”!

Examples: Goodbye to more of our 1st Amendment rights, including “freedom of speech, and of the press”, as evidenced by Leftist-totalitarian plans to have Congress “make law” (in violation of the 1st Amendment) their so-called “Fairness Doctrine” for government control of a part of the press called “radio”, which of course they sell under their old Socialist-totalitarian guise of “countering” (quote) “lies” and “hate speech”, etc;
Goodbye to more of our 1st Amendment “freedom of religion”, particularly the “free exercise thereof”, which the Left is trying to make us forget, as evidenced by their multiplying efforts to ban the word “God”, including their current effort to ban it from our monetary currency, and threaten teachers with their jobs for reading aloud things written by our Founding Fathers in which they exercised their “free exercise thereof” by even mentioning the word “God”

Plus, there is the Democrat proposal in Congress to take away people’s 401k’s for a paltry pittance and put them under already fraudulent and dubious “Social Security”, thereby making that many more people that much more dependant upon government.
Why “fraudulent”? Because the “dirty little secret” is there are no “Social Security Accounts” with our money in them, since money supposedly being paid into “Social Security” is being “appropriated” to such as “the general fund”, and is thus “spent before it gets there”, considering “deficit spending”, etc.
Why “dubious”? Because, considering the above “dirty little secret”, and more, it’s fool-hearty to assume that “Social Security” will “be there” for the entire “baby boomer generation” (those born from 1946 to 1964), or any “generation” afterward.

Plus, goodbye to more of our 2nd Amendment right to “keep and bear arms”, as the Left works to disarm the populace, one “regulation” and “gun ban” at-a-time, thus repeating history in that “Among the first priorities of tyrants is to disarm the populace”, even going so far as to dismiss our Founding Fathers Constitutional efforts for our Constitutional “Bill of Rights (the 1st 10 Amendments)”, including those of Thomas Jefferson who said (quote) “The beauty of the 2nd Amendment is it shall not be needed until they try to take it away”.

Altogether, goodbye to more of our Constitutional freedoms, free enterprise, and personal responsibility; hello to more government control, higher taxes, less personal responsibility, and more vote-buying spending programs and schemes bringing more dependence upon and control by “Big Brother”, “cradle-to-grave” government elitists.

Like another forefather said, (quote) “A free and powerful people will remain so until enough realize they can vote themselves largesse from public funds, which then descends into tyranny”.

Indeed the fact is Obama’s Socialist plan to “spread the wealth around” through higher taxes, as he “let slip” to “Joe the plumber” (who was subsequently attacked and ridiculed by Obama and his Leftist allies, including the media, for asking a question and calling Obama’s answer what it is), is in fact at the core of “redistributionist” Marxist/Communist/Socialist government elitism.

Not only that, but as for Obama’s saying that he will (quote) “cut taxes for 95% of ‘families’ or ‘American workers’”, that was a purely deceptive ploy because the rather obvious fact is that there is no “cutting taxes for 95%” when more than the bottom 33% don’t end-up paying anyway, so of course Obama won’t (quote) “cut taxes on 95% of ‘families’ or ‘American workers’”!

Instead, with Obama’s Socialist plans to “spread the wealth around” (take from those who pay and give it to those who don’t end-up paying), create the biggest expansion of government since the “New Deal”, (Socialist health care, etc), and more, he will of course claim to be “forced” to raise taxes, not only against “the top 5%”, but also against most (quote) “families” or “American workers”!

The fact of life is there is no raising taxes, especially in an economic downturn (like “The Revenue Act of 1932” which made “The Great Depression” even worse), without making things worse, including more dependence upon and thus also control by government.

To those who still doubt these things, dare to think and research independently, which government elitists cannot yet truly stop, and you will find these things are true.

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