Republicans Became [Me To] Democrats

By: Ken Hughes

The last two national elections Republicans dropped the ball. Either they didn’t know how or didn’t want to compete with the Liberal wing of the Democratic Party. The last real conservative Republican who was to make a difference in congress was Newt Gingrich. He was destroyed by Tom Delay a discredited Republican Congressman. Republicans have been through tumultuous times since the days of Ronald Reagan and Berry Goldwater, all of their own making. It’s time the voters took a more active position in selecting their representatives. The public has no right to complain if they allow their chosen representatives to run uncontrolled through years of political careers. It’s obvious the current gaggle of congressmen and women are perfectly willing to play the part of [second seat] representatives.

There’s been a lot of talk since Reagan of needing a third political party, I disagree. The Republican Party has accomplished too much for to long to divide it up now. Current conditions are caused by a few corrupt congress persons who are able by virtue of the good old boy system to hold congress and the country hostage. Originally congress was intended to be one person one vote a consensus of congress would determine outcome. Congress has convoluted the system to the point the constitution no longer has meaning. The public has always relied on Republicans to guard the republic from excesses. Of late Republican congress-persons are willing to go along to get along and preserve the statuesque. Being second class politicians doesn’t seem to bother these men and women who return to Washington in perpetuity.

Fifty-six years ago I arrived in New York from Central America. One of the first things I saw was a group of men in suits and ties on strike for better fringe benefits. At that moment I made a decision I would never join a union and I would be a lifelong Republican. I’ll be dammed if I will let a gaggle of corrupt politicians run me out of my party.

There are ways to bring the party back to the ideals of Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and Reagan. Letters and e-mails to congress are useless, they get pigeonholed. Letters, e-mails and phone calls to the Local County and State Republican Party headquarters are taken very serious when there are enough of them. Petitions are meaningless, individual communication in your own words speaks volumes. Barack Obama claims his political success came as a community organizer. It isn’t necessary to become a community organizer your influence can come by encouraging friends and neighbors to join it a campaign to shake up the local Republican originations and force them to return to conservative principles. If each interested person convinces two other people to join in the campaign it doesn’t take long before it all amounts to a landslide of e-mails and letters flowing into the various Republican headquarters.

It takes more than passive politics to keep the republic on track and moving forward. Ronald Reagan united a divided America by promising lower taxes and smaller less intrusive government. He succeeded with a conservative idea that’s lasted for years in the minds of many of the voters. There’s no reason a concerned public can’t accomplish what Reagan accomplished. Perhaps not on that level but every movement begins with an idea and grows from there.

Be a proud Republican be the person in your neighborhood to reinvigorate a conservative movement. Get the information necessary to contact your local and state Republican Party. A Google / Yahoo search will have all of the information for your county and states Republican Party just log on.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: It’s time to save the Republican Party and the Republic it’s time to get involved.

There’re roughly 305 million men women and children who are citizens of this country. If the government gave a million dollar check to each of them the economy would go through the roof and save billions at the same time. Congress isn’t acting in our best interests or the interests of future generations when they commit to a 700 billion dollar debt that has no real benefit for the average tax payer.

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