It’s September the 10th

By: Craig Chamberlain

The more we hear about the team Barack Obama is assembling the less reason there is to believe that Obama is anything like the centrist that he claimed to be on the campaign trail(conservatives to America: we told you so). Rahm Emmanual as White House Chief of Staff, a vicious partisan with no real qualifications other than he is a hyper Democrat. Talk of making Hillary Clinton Secretary of State, and now it is being reported that Eric Holder will be the Attorney General in an Obama government.

It’s clear that Obama wants to take us back in time to the Clinton years. And let’s not be deceived. The Clinton years we’re not years of centrism and moderation. The Clinton White House was very leftist, there is not a moderate bone in a Clintonista. It was only a GOP Congress that dragged Clinton to the center, kicking and screaming, it should be noted. Now, we don’t even have a GOP Congress to hold this cadre of neo marxists in check. Too many Republicans and conservatives are looking back at the past with rose colored lenses. They are desperately trying to convince themselves that the Clinton years were middle of the road, and that the people Obama is in the process of surrounding himself with are harmless moderates.

Have we all gotten amnesia. Does anyone remember what the Clinton White House did when there were no checks and balances on their agenda? The biggest tax hike in peace time history. An attempt to nationalize medicine(this time with an even larger majority in the house, and a filibuster proof Senate- trust me it’s going to happen- they’ll manage to pull it off) gun control, and the left wing culture of death that was foisted on America for eight years.

Eric Holder, the unofficial nominee to be the Attorney General, is nothing more than Janet Reno with a mustache(although come to think of it maybe Reno had a mustache as well) this means partisan stonewalling at the Justice Department, left wing activism from the nations U.S. Attorneys and federal judges, and ignoring the threat of islamic terrorism. Under Holden and Obama terrorism will be treated as merely a criminal matter instead of an act of war. Quick, prepare the indictments! Yes, that will strike fear into the heart of Al-Qaida and Usama Bin Laden.

The United States of America managed to go from September 11th to the present without a terrorist attack on our soil precisely because we took the offensive and treated terrorism as a military threat. Despite Obama’s rhetoric his actions show that he doesn’t have the same concern. Terrorism to him, and most people on the left, is nothing more than an imaginary monster invented by evil Republicans to scare the living daylights out of the American people.

Maybe the Bush administration was too successful. We have gone more than 7 years without an attack, and given the small attention spans of the American populace the threat of terrorism has receded from their minds to be replaced by economic concerns.

I’m not going to go so far as to predict a terrorist attack after Obama takes office. My crystal ball is in the shop. But it is clear that since personnel is policy Obama is not taking the threat of terrorism seriously. He is surrounding himself with people who want to go back to a September 10th mindset, and that mindset will very likely put American lives in danger.

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