Where Is Conservatism Headed

By: Ken Hughes

Is conservatism hanging on by its fingernails or does it have a chance to resurface? Is self motivation and hard work to difficult for today’s young man and women? Does it take the government to morally bailout society from today’s deprivation? Is morality something the government is capable of instilling? As the country sinks lower into what may turn out to be the worst rescission since the 1930’s, the “Me Generation” is alive, flourishing and demanding more for less. What today’s younger generation doesn’t understand when they look too government for solutions their looking in a mirror? We the People are the government, We the People ultimately pay.

Deep within the bowels of the Republican Party there’s a new conservative movement ready to surface. The enemy of this new movement isn’t Democrats it’s old guard Republicans unwilling to share power. The Republican Party can’t survive with those old Mustache Pete’s in Washington in charge. There’s been a lot of talk about a new third party a new party won’t change anything. What’s needed is a revamp of the old Republican Party the Republican Party has accomplished too much for to long to be discarded as though it were garbage. The traditions established by Lincoln, T. Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan needs to be revisited if a conservative platform is ever going to be the goal of any future Republican Party.

There are a number of young Conservative Republicans in and out of government who are ready willing and capable of reestablishing the Goldwater / Reagan conservatism back in the party. It will be a fight they can win if they direct their efforts to the people and leave the politics to the old Mustache Pete’s to pick over. Congressional politics has become little more than a sporting event between congressional political parties any regard for the publics interest has been long forgotten.

Politics has always been a dirty business, today it’s a vile dirty business. I can’t recall in my 50 years plus being involved in politics when a candidate and their family has ever been as despicably treated as Sarah Palin and her family. Till now children have always been off limits, that all changed with Sarah Palin’s acceptance of a position on the McCain ticket. The McCain straight talk express didn’t have enough momentum to make it out of the station until Sarah Palin showed up and took the liberals the media and the country by surprise. That gave McCain an unfair advantage no one was prepared for. Ergo all the old traditional gloves came off and it truly became a campaign of nastiness at least on the Obama side and ambivalence by McCain.

Sarah Palin brushed these inappropriate comments aside as if they had no effect on her whatsoever. She went on campaigning for the McCain ticket as though she didn’t have a concern other than their winning the nomination. On the other hand the Obama loyalists whined and complained when Palin pointed out several flaws in Messiah Obama’s armor. John McCain Sarah Palin’s supposed mentor stood in the shadows and allowed all the trash to fall on his running mate and said nothing. Is this what any truly devoted conservative Republican can expect from the RNC in the future.

The most recent national campaign proved beyond any doubt the Republican Party can’t be reformed from the top down. All meaningful reform must come from the villages, counties and states across the country. New conservative blood must be tapped and put up for election. Barack Obama didn’t win the nomination because he was the most popular candidate he won because he was the only alternative to the Washington establishment.

Conservatives have two years to prepare for taking back the house and senate. In order to do so they must abandon the old slash and burn rhetoric and concentrate on honestly informing the voters of the facts and do so in a way it’s believable and not mean spirited.
Voters today are more concerned because their interests run deeper than in the past. Today it’s their ox that’s likely to be gored not their employers.

Voters have had 230 years of political manipulation, now they’re demanding their constitutional right to share in the decisions the government makes on their behalf. The days of the media providing all the information are gone. Today information is all around us there are choices to the facts we accept and those we disregard. The voters are no longer bound by the opinions of a few decision makers. Candidates are no longer bound by the party line and realize there are options for independent thinkers.

There are a number of qualified Republican Governors who if so inclined can resist the pressures from Washington and the old guard and reestablish a new conservative movement within their respective states that will change the Republican Party of the future. A new Republican Party needs leadership but from within not from Washington. The old congressional Mustache Pete’s have had their day it’s time to send them home and bring in some 21st century thinkers.

Let us all pray the Republican Governors are listening to the voters and not the Washington elite. If everyone pitches in we can change America [back to the future]

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