The Clinton Years: Part Three

By: Craig Chamberlain

So much for “change we can believe in.” Barack Obama hasn’t even taken the oath of office yet, and already the mantra of “yes we can” is being replaced by business as usual. It’s looking more like the third Clinton Administration. Hillary Clinton as Secreatary of State, Eric Holder as Attorney General, Richardson as Secretary of Commerce, and Tom Daschle as HHS Secretary.

Of course the selection of the Clintonistas enrages the nutroots of the party and that is amusing, but it lulls too many into a false sense of security. There is this fiction that the Clinton years were years of bipartisan cooperation, and centrism. The Clintons were leftists, who were only held in check by a Republican Congress. There is no Republican Congress to prevent Barack Obama from carrying out his left wing agenda.

In the first 100 days, with no real opposition, we shouldn’t be surprised if we have socialized medicinie, a gag order on conservative talk radio, card check to forcibly unionize any company they want( making the American economy even more inefficient), nationalizing and crippling the energy industry, and massive new tax hikes.

This is what the Clintons would have done if there hadn’t been any checks and balances on him. During the first two years that he was in office we had the biggest peacetime tax hike in American history, a massive assault on the second amendment, and of course the attempt to impose Hillary Care on the country.

The Clintons moved to the center against their will. Welfare reform, a capital gains tax cut, and any other moderate measure were not their idea, and with all the Clintonistas staffing the incoming Obama administration it’s going to be the government the Clintons always wanted but could never deliver on.

Bill and Hillary must be in seventh heaven. Here they were, treated as relics of the past by society, rejected by their own party in the Presidential primaries, now the junior carpetbagger from New York is going to be Secretary of State, and with Hillary’s rise in power(you know Bill will be coming along for the ride) the Clintons are back in the big time. Maybe Jonah Goldberg was right: the Clintons are like a horror movie monster.

Conservative better get ready to fight, and fight tough. A charismatic young leftist in the White House, and the Clinton gang, not to mention Hillary Clinton herself, filling the cabinet it’s going to be very tough on people who believe in capitalism and limited government. Conservatives had better be planning for 2010 right now, or they may not recognize America in a few years.

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